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High Court orders site owner to clear Orpington site


The Environment Agency has successfully secured a full High Court order against Waste4Fuel Limited and Mr. Bryan Hughes, the director of the waste facility in Orpington, requiring them to clear the site of combustible waste or be held in contempt of court

At a hearing at the High Court, the judge signed an order compelling Waste4Fuel Limited and Company Director Mr Bryan Hughes to clear the site of all combustible waste by the end of April 2014.

The deadline was arrived at following a negotiation process between Mr. Hughes and the Environment Agency, and the end of April 2014 was considered the earliest achievable deadline. The Court Order reduces the volume of waste allowed to enter the site and requires a 24 hour presence on the site to reduce the risk of fire. The Environment Agency will be monitoring closely activities on site to observe these requirements are being met between now and the end of April.

Rob Wise, Environment Manager at the Environment Agency, said: “There is a lot of waste on site at Waste4Fuel, and this will require time to clear which has led to us agreeing to the end of April deadline.

“Our High Court action increases the penalty for not clearing the waste from site and places the responsibility not only on the company but Mr. Hughes. The consequences are now severe if he does not comply with the High Court order.”

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