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High profile location for ET’s new on-line metals in air analyser


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Air quality monitoring specialist, Enviro Technology Services Plc has recently installed a state-of-the art, near real-time automatic metals-in-air analyser at the Marylebone Road “super-site” for King’s College London who had funding from NERC.

The XACT 625 X-ray fluorescence multi-metals system is understood to be the first of its type to be installed outside of the USA and China and will be measuring hourly average concentrations of 24 individual airborne metal elements including cadmium, arsenic, lead and chromium.

Over the last decade the components of the air that we breathe have been the subject of a great deal of scientific research and environmental regulation. No longer is the mass concentration of particles in the air the primary concern, but instead it is the species or elements that make up those particles that are important to understand.

ET’s Duncan Mounsor comments “after only ever seeing the XACT 625 system on paper it was amazing to see the system in operation here at ET prior to installation at the super-site and for such a high-tech and powerful instrument, it is actually very simple to use and requires the minimum amount of servicing and local site operation”.

Duncan concludes: “particulate composition and characterisation is really key to our understanding of the sources and health impacts caused by particles and we are delighted to have been able to supply King’s with the XACT 625 instrument which will, I’m sure, provide them with robust and valuable data for their on-going research”.

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