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High resolution air quality maps of Zagreb


This year, the Croatian environmental consultancy firm EKONERG completed an air quality modelling project for Zagreb City Office in which ADMS-Urban was used to model air pollution levels in Zagreb at street-scale resolution. EKONERG developed a local scale emissions inventory for the project and verified the model predictions at three urban background monitors within the city. The modelled concentrations of NO2 and PM10 were used as input to population exposure calculations.

The background concentration data used in the study were extracted by CERC from the CAMS European-scale air quality ensemble re-analysis product. These data were provided to EKONERG in .bgd file format, for direct inclusion in ADMS-Urban. If you are interested in obtaining European or global modelled background concentration data suitable for use with the ADMS models please contact us.

Follow this link to view the air quality map at higher resolution.


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