Highland Oil/Water Separators for Spill and Secondary Containment

Highland Tank’s oil/water separators help petroleum storage facilities comply with the EPA’s regulations for spill and secondary containment to satisfy the facility’s SPCC Plan.

Highland separators, with new Corella® coalescers, greatly reduce the level of oil and oily coated solids discharged by petroleum storage facilities. The Corella™ inclined parallel plate coalescers combines the features of both a flat plate coalescer and a corrugated plate coalescer into a new “self-cleaning” design that performs better than traditional plate separators. The separators are used as part of the facility’s drainage system and designed to hold the maximum capacity of any single compartment of the tank truck loaded or unloaded at the facility.

Highland separators meet the new Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. SU2215 design, construction, and performance standards for engineered oil/water separators rated at 10-ppm oil and grease.

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