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Hired Camera for Safe Underground Inspections


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Advanced remote visual inspection equipment from Ashtead Technology Rentals helped one client explore a confined drainage and water storage network without having to venture underground himself, reducing the risk of injury and use of confined space personnel.

Gordon Mills from Free Drains contacted the rental specialists when he needed to carry out a special examination of two large storage tanks and a 20 metre long drainage system connecting them.  

After receiving training on how to use Everest Ca-Zoom Camera system, Gordon was able to use the fully-calibrated and ready to use instrument immediately upon delivery.

He says, “We needed to check and confirm that the integrity of the tanks were up to standard and the most effective and accurate way to do so was by using the Ca-Zoom Camera. I was able to use one access point and zoom right in.

“One of the biggest benefits of this particular piece of equipment was the controlled lighting feature which meant that I could achieve exactly the right level to see inside but without the glare of lighting which would have been too bright. Overall I was extremely impressed with the product and level of service from Ashtead Technology Rentals and the benefits of hiring instead of buying.”

The Ca-Zoom system is a self contained inspection system featuring a range of camera heads with a remote pendant with large LCD display, for easy viewing, and a sensitive variable speed joystick for positioning the pan, tilt and zoom camera. Images and video can be stored on a memory card and downloaded after the inspection. Additionally the powerful 72:1 zoom makes for a detailed and accurate viewing, even from considerable distances.

Ashtead’s comprehensive fleet of remote visual inspection equipment includes everything from the tiniest of endoscopes to the largest robotic crawlers for the investigation of pipes, voids and chambers.

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