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Hiscan Pipeline Monitoring System Officially Launched


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After several months of intensive beta testing with customers, GUTERMANN has now officially launched HISCAN, the technology that can be permanently installed for unmanned trunk main and transport pipeline monitoring. HISCAN consists of an extremely sensitive correlating hydrophone sensor that is directly installed on the pipe (either by tapping or by connecting it to a hydrant) and a solar-powered 3G gateway for the transmission of the data to the Gutermann Cloud. Like its little brother, the ZONESCAN 820 correlating accelerometer sensor, the HISCAN data is time-synchronised to a milli-second, allowing for a correlation of the data between the neighbouring sensors on the central servers and therefore for optimised leak noise analysis and accurate pinpointing of identified leaks. HISCAN has its main focus of application on trunk mains with large diameters, but also plastic pipe networks (PE, PVC) can be monitored effectively.

The development of HISCAN started in 2013 with a grant of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and was first announed at IFAT in 2014. Since then, GUTERMANN has developed an entirely new hydrophone generation that is significantly more sensitive than previous models, and has overhauled its 'ALPHA' gateway platform to work on 3G cellular technology and solar power. The data is uploaded to the same secure servers that also collect data from GUTERMANN's other connected products ZONESCAN ALPHA, MULTISCAN and EASYSCAN. Customers can therefore store and see all of their data in one attractive browser user interface with Google Maps mapping assistance. Several early monitoring projects have already been installed in Europe and the Middle East, and the worldwide roll-out has started in early May.

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