Hit Your Target! Measure your sludge blanket level with Markland

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Source: Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

The Sludge Gun®, the Portable Sludge Blanket Level Detector from Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd., helps wastewater treatment plants measure solid-liquid interface levels in clarifiers, tanks and lagoons.

This handheld instrument uses high-intensity infrared light beams to measure sludge blanket levels in clarifiers, settlement tanks, sedimentation basins, lagoons and ponds. It helps in the elimination of unnecessary pumping or dredging, the prevention of carryover, monitoring of sludge bed depth for regulatory compliance and creation of valuable biosolids level profiles. It detects clear surfaces, and silt/sludge/biosolids densities ranging from light flocs to thick blankets.

A trigger switch is located on the handle of the Sludge Gun®.  When this switch is depressed, a beam of high-intensity infrared light shines across a gap in the probe to a matching phototransistor sensor.  When the LED beam encounters suspended particles in the probe gap, some of its energy is absorbed, causing the phototransistor to activate a rear-facing speaker on the butt of the gun.  As the percentage of suspended solids increases, the audible tone changes in both pitch and volume.

The operator lowers the probe into the tank or pond and, by slowly moving it up and down, observes the numbered depth markers on the cable to establish the location of both the true settled bed and the overlying unsettled cloud layer.  A thumb-adjustable control allows the user to fine-tune the instrument’s sensitivity.  In addition, features are uniquely suited for specific applications.  For example, high-power Model 10-HP excels at finding the level of sludge or bio-solids in murky lagoons; Model 10-LP detects clear liquid surfaces.

The spring-loaded trigger turns off the gun, preventing accidental drain on the battery.  The cable is stored on a spool at the front of the gun.  Battery life (standard AA) averages one year with normal use.

The Sludge Gun® is compact, rugged and weatherproof, making it ideal for use from boats and narrow catwalks.  No calibration is required.

For operators at Utilities and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, The Sludge Gun® is a welcome addition to their toolbox.

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