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Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Hoffer sanitary flowmeters receive 3A approval


Source: Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Hoffer Sanitary Series flowmeters recently received 3A Sanitary Rating 28-03 after being subjected to a Third Party Verification Process. The Hoffer Sanitary Flowmeter Series provides ±0.5% accuracy (±0.1% with linearization) for use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries or any application where sanitary requirements are considered necessary. Applications such as ultrapure deionized water, demineralized, or WFI water (water for injection) as well as various applications in food and beverage such as syrup products, batching water, etc. The Hoffer sanitary flowmeter is accepted, meeting 3-A Sanitary Standard No. 28-03 for measurement of process liquids where high sanitary standards are required. Sizes are available in 1/4' through 3'covering flow rates from 0.35 to 650 gpm. Hoffer sanitary meters are supplied with 316 stainless steel tri-clamp style end fittings. Installation kits are also available when needed.

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