HORIBA Scientific Announces The New Mesa-50 X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer


Source: HORIBA Europe GmbH

A Small, Speedy, Simple, Smart and Safe Tool for RoHS, ELV and Halogen-Free Applications

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in X-ray Fluorescence analysis, announces the launch of its new MESA 50 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer.

The MESA 50, successor to our popular XGT-WR series, was designed for businesses needing to screen samples containing hazardous elements, such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, bromine for RoHS, End of Life compliance, and chlorine for halogen-free As and Sb applications.

The MESA-50 includes three analysis diameters, suitable for every sample, from thin cables and electronic parts to bulk samples. Our unique combination of a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) changes the landscape for EDXRF.

MESA-50 was built around the concept of 5S Technology.

  • Speed: Our SDD dramatically reduces measurement times and provides increased sensitivity. This ensures true high throughput analysis.
  • Small Size: The lightweight MESA-50 is portable, with a small footprint of less than one cubic foot, and a weight of approximately 26 lbs. Its battery life is 6 hours, and can be outlet powered, as well.
  • Simple Operation: Easily connected to a PC via USB. With its liquid nitrogen-free operation, and no need for vacuum pumps, it offers an intuitive simple measurement process for all types of materials.
  • Smart Interface: The MESA-50 offers multi-language user interface, including English, Japanese and Chinese, and an easy to use Excel data management tool for report generation.
  • Safe: There is no worry about X-ray leakage. There are several interlock devices, and it's shielded by a metal cover. In addition, every unit is inspected separately to ensure our standard of 1ìSv/h.

“We designed the MESA-50 for easy operation,” said Andrew Whitley, VP of sales for HORIBA Scientific. “The CCD camera offers a clear optical image for easy positioning and 18 measurement routines, pre-set for specific materials. Data can be transferred to Excel and measurement reports generated at the push of a button. No other instrument on the market provides this level of detail and ease of operation.”

MESA-50 is currently available with 4 filters and 3 spot sizes. A unique filter provides for five hazardous elements to be detected simultaneously.

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