How Can YSI`s Aquaculture Capabilities and Solutions Benefit You?


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Rapid population growth and an increased awareness of the health benefits associated with seafood is projected to significantly increase the demand. Making the issue even more critical is that our natural fisheries are already under pressure and can't sustainably meet the expected demand. Aquaculture-based production is the only way to meet the global need for more seafood, without overfishing our oceans and lakes.

Tighter government restrictions, higher quality standards and production costs, and scarce water resources continue to add to the challenges facing aquaculture operations. With the variety of challenges you have to deal with, wouldn't it make your job easier if you could just partner with someone who was able to help? YSI is that partner.

YSI has many solutions and capabilities available to help you overcome these issues. YSI products can help you manage your farming operation in a more profitable way by reducing energy and feed costs, increasing production levels and, overall, improving your profitability. You may already know that our handheld instrumentation can check DO in tanks, ponds and more. With electrochemical, or optical DO technology. Or, maybe you're interested in pH, ORP, salinity, ammonia or temperature, at any rate, we have you covered in regards to proven, industry accepted, handheld spot sampling instruments.

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Our ProDSS (Digital Sampling System) instrument even has built-in GPS capabilities to ensure easy data analysis by location and an ability to ensure that all locations are consistently measured. In addition to handheld meters, we also have portablephotometers and colorimeters, allowing you to collect data on total chlorine, nitrite, ammonia, hardness and all other required parameters. Over 80 to choose from in fact.

The most powerful solutions to your challenges are the YSI aquaculture monitoring and control systems the 5200A5500D and5400. This platform allows you to continuously monitor parameters, including dissolved oxygen with optical or electrochemical technology, pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, temperature, flow, level, TGP, UVT and CO2, while controlling your process for increased efficiency and productivity.

In addition, each M&C instrument has a built-in feed timer called Feed Smart. Feed Smart manages feed delivery for most powered feeders up to 100 feedings per day. User defined feed conversion ratios and multiple modes of operation allow for ultimate flexibility while using real-time water quality data to determine optimal feeding times. Alarm and control conditions can be sent immediately via email or SMS text to allow you an up to the minute thumb on the pulse of your operation, even while away. With our new IOEM and REM expansion modules, you have the capability to easily add analog input, outputs and relays to your network.

The IOEM expansion modules inputs have the capability to accept most analog sensors and its 4-20 milliamp output can be easily interfaced to an existing PLC or used to control devices with a PID function. And when your livestock needs to be moved, we can help control the oxygen in your live haul tanks, with our 5500D multi-optical DO system. The 5500D accepts up to four optical DO and temp sensors and will control DO levels, saving money by not wasting expensive oxygen. Built-in alarming will notify you if levels fall outside optimal levels.

Partnering with YSI is much more than acquiring best in class instrumentation. It's our commitment to you to provide a technical solution that meets your needs, along with customer service and after sale support to make it work for the long term. Let's do this.

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