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How Clean is the Air in your workplace? - Taiwan Indoor Air Quality Management Act


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PPM Technology will be presenting a lecture titled - 'How clean is the air in your workplace? - Benefits of continuous monitoring' to IAQ scholars and delegates at a Taiwanese Occupational Hygiene Association seminar regarding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) held in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan.

Taiwan recently became the 2nd country, after South Korea, to introduce an Indoor Air Quality Management Act. The act will mean environmental protection bureaus wll conduct periodic inspections of indoor air quality in public buildings.

Sub-standard facilities will be issued a notice along with a deadline for improvements to be made. For certain public facilities attracting large public gathering and those with large numbers of people entering and exiting, or those with special air quality demands, further requirements of installing automatic equipment to continuously monitor indoor air quality will be enforced.

The air quality management act targets public areas, such as schools, medical and government organizations, financial institutions, opera houses, hotels, post offices as well as public transportation platforms.

We believe the new legislation will lead to greater demand for IAQ monitoring equipment in Taiwan. 

In order to accurately understand a building’s indoor air quality, it is advised to simultaneously monitor various indoor air quality parameters including gases, temperature and humidity in various locations throughout the building. 

PPM Technology’s range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring instruments include the Wireless IAQ Profile Monitor it can contain sensors for a maximum of 7 customer specified IAQ parameters. A compact model - the Mini IAQ Profile Monitor can contain a maximum of 5 sensors.

Both these instruments send the collected IAQ data wirelessly to the control pc/laptop in real-time; a large number of units can be networked together to enable accurate monitoring of an entire building. The PPMonitor software enables the data to be viewed graphically, produce reports and statistical data, run schedules as well as alarm functions and notifications for more effective and economical building management. 

Our latest instrument the 'Touch Screen' IAQ Profile Monitor is a stand-alone IAQ monitoring unit, capable of continuously monitoring up to 7 IAQ parameters. It is built with an integrated ‘touch screen’ panel, which allows the user to navigate through the various sensors simply by touching the screen.

Please visit www.ppm-technology.com for more information.

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