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How Does The Continous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Work?

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

The Continuous Pyrolysis Plant is successful in processing or getting rid of a variety of products such as oil sludge, oil, plastic, and many more. The procedure is organized in a way how the slag is fed and discharged automatically inside a procedure that is constant.

The procedures from the Continous tire pyrolysis plant involves several phases that include the subsequent:


The waste products are treated prior to the pyrolysis phase begins. For example, tire waste is sent through a shredder device that crushes materials into small pieces which measure around 40mm. For plastic waste, the types of materials are smashed into smaller and more manageable pieces. Clinical waste will likely be sanitized before it goes through the procedure of pyrolysis.

2.Product Feeding

After the raw waste matter have undergone a pre-treatment process they may be fed automatically to the reactor. Once inside the reactor, the inlet door is closed and sealed to guarantee no gas is able to escape. 


The pyrolysis reactor is heated with the aid of a heat source for example charcoal, coal, wood or fuel gas. When the reactor reaches a temperature of 250 degrees, the waste matter convert into oil gas. Click here to know more:

4.Condensation Phase 

The oil gas has become sent onto a condensation-phase the location where the gas converts into liquid oil.

5.Recuperation Of Wasted Gas

Inside the chamber where condensation occurs not every one of the gas will condense. This wasted gas is safely forwarded to the reactor where it provides the fuel to heat the reactor again before the gas is compressed.


The end product of your continuous tyre pyrolysis plant includes carbon black and steel which can be released automatically once the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

The Key Benefits Of The Continous Pyrolysis Plant

-The Automated Tube Condenser assists in the entire condensing process which improves efficiency in relation to these procedures.

-The stable activator reduces the demand for labor and uses very little power through the process.

-The design of the tyre to fuel recycling plant is protected for that environment and gives a safe way to carry out the whole process of converting tire waste into resourceful end products. 

-The continuous plants have the ability to operate 24-hours every day without having to cool off or stop.

The Tyre Pyrolysis Plants come in two designs to select from. Including either the horizontal or maybe the rotary type. The rotary reactors are employed inside the semi-continuous and batch pyrolysis plants. The horizontal types can be used as the Continous Tyre Pyrolysis Plants. This fixed design assists with helping the temperature to increase quickly as well as the pyrolysis to react faster. The U-shaped tube inside these machines helps to make the entire procedure for pyrolysis a lot more efficient while saving energy.

If you are looking for the outstanding investment together with reduced labor and an easy to method to eliminate huge levels of waste, the Continous Pyrolysis Plant is one of the best alternatives which can be currently available. These plants have offered a good way to help keep tire waste from our landfills. Why not visit the website: