How to enter missing data manually


Source: Davis Instruments Corp.

A few months ago, John Koenig, of Bayside, Texas sent us a photo of his fake-snake-on-the-rain-collector trick to scare away avian depositors. (See our September 2010 issue.)

He wrote again to say the snakes worked -- for a while. Apparently, his resident mockingbirds are smarter than he gave them credit for! He thinks that the snakes need to move to be effective against the ones who just love to expel precisely rain-collector-hole-sized seeds into his weather station. He has shifted to the 'Velcro Rim of Nails' technique.

One of those seeds robbed John of some data, and really hated having those gaps in his historical rain year data. He wanted to manually enter missing data (using data from a nearby station) and he turned to our tech gurus (in this case, Guru Edward) to find out how to do that. He thought the rest of you might be interested in the answer.

Edward told him to press the RAINYR button until Rain Year is displayed. Then press and release the 2nd button, and press and hold the SET (ALARM) button. The rain year total will start to blink. Keep holding the SET (ALARM) button until the blinking stops. When you release the button, one of the digits will flash. You can change this digit using the up and down keys. Move to another digit using the right and left keys. When you have entered the value you want, press and hold the DONE button to get back to the main screen.

Smarter than a mockingbird, that Edward is!

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