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How to Protect Slopes and Embankments from Erosion?

Source: Soil Stabilization Innovations Inc,

Erosion Control Tips by SSI Team

Embankments and slopes are highly susceptible to soil erosion. Given the fact that they can cause really serious damage to life and property, one cannot help but rely only on high quality erosion control products. This is where Soil Stabilization Innovations (SSI) comes into the picture.

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, SSI has been delivering world leading services with their in-house erosion control polymers. Their polymers create a strong bond with the soil particles after curing; creating a lamination kind of structure that doesn’t seep away with rain, heavy traffic and strong winds.

Let’s take a look at the steps through which SSI achieves the impeccable soil stabilization results:

1. Analysis:

A team from SSI visits the embankment that needs to be treated for soil erosion. They take a look at the condition of the surface to be treated. They analyze the level of curing to be done and the amount of erosion control polymer needed to do so.

2. Test Patch:

The application team then arrives with all their equipment and start applying the erosion control polymer on a small area for testing the results. This step is important for optimum results. However, there have been many occasions when the team didn’t need a test run, all thanks to their massive experience.

3. Application:

The whole embankment or slope that needs to be treated is then covered with the erosion control polymer prepared in-house by the company. After giving it a due rest time for curing, the treated surface is then ready to face rain, heavy winds and traffic.

Soil stabilization Innovations is known for their dust & erosion control products that have a lasting effect. And the best part is that once these products have reached the limit of their longevity, retreatment would only need 20% of the original application.