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How to reduce the wear of ductile iron covers how to repair?


After the long period of use of ductile iron covers, there will naturally be wear. In this case, we have to repair it. So, what kind of methods can we take when repairing a worn well cover? This is what we want to ask today.

Ductile iron cover damage is poor quality or material can not meet the standard, to solve the damage problem can only purchase the strength of the cast iron manhole cover, long life, durable, but easy to be stolen cast iron, then install the reliable cover on the cover Device. In other words, the traditional manhole cover repair and replacement construction process is complicated and cumbersome, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The repair of the manhole cover mostly uses mold repair machines to repair mold surface wear and machining defects. This is a new type of high-tech equipment. The principle is to use the principle of high-frequency electric spark discharge to perform heat-free welding on the workpiece to repair the surface of the metal mold. Defects and wear, heat affected area is small, after the manhole cover mold repair will not be deformed, no annealing, no stress concentration, but will not appear cracks, but also can be enhanced surface treatment, to achieve the well cover mold wear resistance, heat resistance.

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