HTI Water Filters Inside Portable Shelters for Disaster Relief in Mexico


Hydration Technology Innovations’ Expedition, HydroWell and HydroPack Products to Be Included in Eco Woolis Survival Shelters

ALBANY, Ore. & SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hydration Technology Innovations, LLC (HTI), will be providing life-saving water filtration products to Eco Woolis of Mexico to be placed into portable shelters used for disaster relief within Mexico. The Eco Woolis Survival Shelters will include the HTI Expedition™, HydroWell® and HydroPack™ forward osmosis filtration products to enhance relief efforts during a natural disaster, where clean hydration is necessary for survival.

“At Eco Woolis, we are thrilled to be working with HTI. The quality of their products is the best in the industry,” said José Manuel Patiño, CFO of Eco Woolis. “They also offer the safest and most efficient way for water filtration and purification, making it effortless to get clean water from any water source.”

The HTI water filtration products, the Expedition, HydroWell and HydroPack, filter dirty contaminated water sources using forward osmosis to provide a clean electrolyte-enhanced drink. The Expedition is a backpack style system with a dual-chambered reservoir that can be filled with clean water or quickly filled with dirty water to “filter on the go” and produce nearly one liter per hour of clean hydration. The HydroWell is a water-can style hydration system that is great for hydrating groups of people. The system sets up in minutes and can provide 30 L of clean drink per day. The HydroPack is a one-time use, self-hydrating pouch that will produce 12 oz. of hydration. The HydroPack has recently been successfully used for disaster relief efforts in Western Kenya, and previously in both Chile and Haiti.

Eco Woolis is a Mexican company that has developed a geodesic-shaped portable structure, based on an igloo, that once assembled becomes a shelter that is over 344 sq. ft. and over 8 ft. high. Assembling the structure is simple and the heaviest piece weighs only a little over 15 lbs. The Mexican government plans to distribute the shelters for disaster relief in Mexico. In addition to disaster relief, Eco Woolis sees a future in using the shelters for police, government agencies, charitable organizations and in rural areas for classrooms and pre-hospital clinics. The shelters can eventually be adapted into permanent housing as well. The company expects the shelters to by ready for mass production by February of 2012.

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About HTI’s Forward Osmosis Technology

In two state-of-the-art plant facilities located in Albany, Ore., HTI manufactures a proprietary forward osmosis membrane material that allows osmosis, which is a natural process of liquids seeking equilibrium when separated by a membrane. This filtration process leaves behind virtually all contaminants. Forward osmosis can filter water without the need for high pumping pressure found in many traditional filtration systems. Thus, forward osmosis filtration systems use very little energy, are constructed from relatively low cost materials and are capable of filtering highly contaminated dirty water, even those containing high solid concentrations, without plugging. HTI’s forward osmosis membrane has been commercially used since 1996 and most recently in such industries as landfill leachate, oil and gas, energy generation, biogas cogeneration and municipal wastewater recycling. HTI also has a full suite of forward osmosis emergency hydration products used by the military, in humanitarian disaster relief and sold in retail stores for personal hydration. HTI is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information visit

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