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Hydro Excavator Low Profile Series Demonstration (Video)


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“Vac-Tron’s Low profile series has quickly become a much needed hydro excavator on jobsites around the country.  The LP series is Vac-Tron’s number one acquired hydro excavator by companies and municipalities and will be the most used piece of equipment in your fleet.”

LP Series Vacuum Excavator

There are many different models and options for the LP Series, including a hydraulic boom.  Please view brochures and additional videos on the Vac-Tron LP Series equipment page.  All Vac-Tron trailers are engineered and built for low profile towing which provides a level of safety.

Patented Filtration System

With its patented filtration system, it allows for both wet and dry applications.  Nickednamed “big red”.

The Vac-Tron filtration system incorporates four important components into one assembly:

  1. Cyclone
  2. Silencer
  3. Four-Way Valve
  4. .5 Micron Filter

Check out this article for a more indepth look into each component of the filtration system: The ‘Big Red’ Patented Filtration System for Vacuum Excavation (w/ video)

Hydraulic Locking Door

The LP series is also equipped with a hydraulic locking door that has proven reliability in the field.  With over center locking mechanism for a simple no fuss positive lock and unlock, There is no hydraulic pressure needed to remain locked.

Reverse Pressure

Reverse pressure is standard and allows the operator to offload liquids and remove debris from the vacuum hose with ease.  These units are equipped with high pressure water systems with water capacities up to 400 gallons helping to keep the crews on the jobsite longer.  Vac-Tron only uses top quality hose reels for reliable service.

Strong Arm

The strong arm helps to support the weight of the vacuum excavation hose hose to reduce work fatigue on the job site and to increase mobility.  When it is time to move to the next job location the side hose storage makes it quick and easy to store the vacuum hose and tools.

Check out the latest demonstration video and schedule a 30 minute demo for your organization in your area.

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