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Hydro International Signs New Distributorship Agreement in Midwest and South Regions


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Thompson Culvert Co. to Sell Hydro Stormwater Control Solutions in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Kansas

PORTLAND, Maine – Dec. 19, 2007 — Hydro International, a leading provider of environmentally sustainable products and innovative solutions that control and treat stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer overflows, today announced an agreement with Thompson Culvert Co. of Hazelwood, Mo., to distribute Hydro stormwater control products.

Thompson, a full-service distributor of heavy-duty steel drainage components, water control devices and a range of associated products, will act as the licensed distributor of Hydro stormwater flow control and treatment solutions in Missouri, Illinois, northern Arkansas, western Kentucky, western Tennessee, northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas.

The agreement marks the first time in Hydro International’s 25-year history that the company has had direct sales or distribution coverage in the territory. Hydro received a business boost in November in the region when the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District approved the use of Hydro’s Up-Flo™ Filter as a best management practice for redevelopment and highway project sites in the district’s 92 municipalities, including the city of St. Louis.

“In recent years, communities have devoted more resources to removing pollutants from their stormwater flows, and they’re seeing the benefits in the form of improved water quality,” said David Mongeau, General Manager of Hydro International’s U.S. Stormwater Division. “We see a strong business opportunity providing high-quality stormwater treatment and flow-control solutions in the Midwest and the South. Thompson Culvert has established a strong reputation, and we look forward to working with the staff best serve the residents of this region.”

Hydro’s stormwater control portfolio includes the following solutions:

• The Downstream Defender® Advanced Vortex Separator, with unique internal components that increase removal efficiency and prevent pollutant washout,
• The First Defense® Enhanced Vortex Separator, ideal for small sites and upstream source control applications,
• The Up-Flo™ Filter Fluidized Bed Upflow Filtration System, a high-capacity filtration system used for the control of sediments, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons,
• The Stormcell® Storage and Infiltration System, which serves deep, irregularly shaped or space constrained sites,
• The Super-Flo™ Optimized Stormwater Storage Process, which eliminates unnecessary stormwater storage volumes,
• The Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve Passive Flow Control Device, which site designers have used to prevent upstream and downstream flooding at more than 15,000 installations worldwide.

“Here at Thompson Culvert, we have seen how urbanization has greatly increased stormwater runoff in our region, and we’ve successfully worked with communities to develop detention systems to deal with the problem,” said Scott Thompson, President of Thompson Culvert. “Partnering with Hydro International, we look forward to developing new facets of our stormwater business, providing outside-the-box solutions to flooding and stormwater treatment challenges.”

Hydro representatives recently discussed the benefits of their stormwater control technologies at the StormCon Workshops St. Louis conference in St. Louis.

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