Source: RCM S.p.A

There are two available options for the quick maintenance of big carpet surfaces.

ALFA CARPET is the sweeper that sweeps deeply without lifting dust.

MEGA CARPET is the scrubber drier that deeply washes the floor using a single brush and an ultramicrofiber pad through a specific detergent diffusion, that makes you save water and detergent, with a quicker drying time.

Both machines can be also used on hard surfaces.

ECO3SANITIZING, with OZOSI’ technology available for MEGA scrubber driers, guarantees the professional sanitation of clean surfaces.

MEGA I and MEGA II, can be equipped with ECO3SANITIZING system, having all the advantages of the OZONE: it kills up to 97% of the bacteria, thanks to its high oxidative power, without leaving any trace in the environment and reducing, or eliminating, the use of chemicals. ECO3SANITIZING also gives the possibility to have ozone “ready for use” when the machine is activated, without waiting for the tank to be full.

Besides these two machines, RCM introduced BIT for cleaning small surfaces, JUMBO the medium size ride-on scrubber drier and R850, the new ride-on sweeper, solid and reliable, born for cleaning big areas and combining a high working capacity with a very competitive price.

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