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Hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment market dynamics and insights over 2019-2025

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Hygienic Easy To Clean Food Processing Equipment Market Size By Approach, Machinery, Application, Regional Outlook, Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2019 – 2025

Increasing awareness about food hygiene and sanitation is expected to drive hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment market size over the forecast period. The complexities of the food processing equipment make it hard for timely cleaning, as it takes longer time to dissemble the equipment on a regular basis.

Introduction of easy to clean food processing equipment not only reduces the cleaning time, but also enables thorough cleaning each time. This eliminates any chances of microbes build up in the hard to reach areas of the equipment, further improving the hygiene. Easy to clean equipment not only reduces the cleaning time but also enhances the production line efficiency, impelling the industry outlook. Some of the trends anticipated to stimulate the market growth are stated underneath.

Increasing focus on food safety in bakery plants:

The bakery plants ranging from small, medium and even the high output bakeries are going through a transition of maintaining utmost hygiene while producing the bakery eatables. Bakeries produce a range of products including sliced breads, croissants, filled doughnuts, pies, cookies, decorated cakes, etc. Many of those products require different equipment designs and the respective cleaning methods.

The increasing awareness of the microbial hazards associated with the bakery equipment is expected to augment the market share. Recent studies showed that the uncleaned ovens are very likely to host toxin producing microbes such as Bacillus cereus or Staphylococcus aureus. Food items baked in such contaminated ovens are likely to make consumers very sick, increasing the demand for hygienic, easy to clean equipment.

For bakery processing equipment in which these organisms can easily flourish, a hygienic design and easy cleaning system can be very critical for maintaining food safety. Equipment manufacturers are now coming up with different approaches to deal with the sticky dough used for bread manufacturing. Several companies have added innovative features to their range of bakery equipment, which easily cleans off the dough deposits. Dough mixers of late feature a wash-in-place system for vessels that also includes a self-clearing drain valve.

Most of the equipment manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to improve the bakery productivity and hygiene by manufacturing such equipment that are less complicated to disassemble and have fewer parts to ensure easy cleaning. Additionally, less parts means faster changeovers for making more bakery products, and thereby it also increases the profitability. The bakery transition toward maintaining sanitation will fuel hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment market share.

Growth Drivers:

1. North America: Rising processed meat demand is likely to foster industry growth

2. Europe: Rising bakery products demand is likely to foster industry growth

3. Asia- Pacific: Rising dairy products consumption in the region will propel product demand

Growing consumption of processed food:

Increase in consumption of processed food will create more demand for hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment. Global processed food market is anticipated to surpass USD 7.5 trillion by 2020.  Rising demand for processed food owing to easy cooking and longer shelf life is expected to augment the market growth. Processed food includes a broad spectrum of food items from meat and poultry to other canned and dehydrated products which may be fully cooked, eat to ready or half cooked.

Most of these food items move on a conveyor line while getting processed in the food processing plants. Thereby, the conveyor belts require timely cleaning which reduces the process efficiency. Manufacturers are working to launch simplified, hygienic conveyor line which increases the ease of cleaning. The crevice- and cavity-free design of such conveyer belts eliminates the difficult to clean areas as found on most of the conveyor lines.

Usually the strip down of conveyer belt requires removal of the several mechanical fittings and then re-assembling them, which consumes a large part of the production time. Such modular conveyor lines require minimal number of mechanical fittings, which result in reduced downtime for cleaning operations. Introduction of more such products can bring a revolution in the food processing industry, by helping to increase the process efficiency. Similar advancements to comply with the food processing plant requirements will further boost hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment industry outlook.

Shifting preferences toward nonalcoholic beverages:

Consumer preferences have been witnessing a massive shift toward nonalcoholic and healthy beverages including non-carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and flavored milk. Consumer are seen following healthy diet regimes owing to the increasing health awareness. Most of these beverages are processed through a homogenizer which will promote industry growth. Global hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment market size from homogenizer is projected to surpass 19 billion by 2025.

The new improved easy to clean homogenizers are equipped with features such as less sedimentation and easy separation which reduces the cleaning time and also improves hygiene. The dairy industry is one of the prominent application avenues of homogenizers, as the machinery is used for processing a variety of milk products such as cream, buttermilk, etc.  The equipment highly impacts the product taste, texture and viscosity and prevents sedimentation in milk products.

Stringent FDA rules to regulate food safety along with growing need for hygiene standard for equipment will drive the industry trends. Owing to the strong application scope, hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment are getting introduced across many food processing companies.

The rising consumer inclination toward processed food due to the change in lifestyles and eating habits will accelerate the industry growth. According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., hygienic easy to clean food processing equipment market size is projected to surpass USD 55 billion by 2025.