IFAT 2010: We manage and control it - ProMinent and ProMaqua at IFAT 2010, Munich (Germany)

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Heidelberg, June 2010. The ProMinent Group, a global supplier of water treatment solutions, is exhibiting at this year’s IFAT.
The slogan 'We manage and control it' illustrates that ProMinent develops and manufactures more than 'just' metering pumps. At IFAT in Munich from 13 – 17 September 2010, the Heidelberg-based company will be presenting solutions for filtering, disinfection, oxidisation, and measurement and control. At stand 425/526 in Hall A3 the company will be showcasing components, systems and technologies for efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable treatment of drinking and waste water and flue gas cleaning.

A whole range of drinking and waste water solutions will be on show at IFAT 2010, which is taking place at Munich’s exhibition centre from 13 – 17 September 2010. Highlights include metering stations and water treatment processes with the superordinate multi-channel measuring and control system Disinfection Controller, polymer preparation stations, big bag emptying stations, multi-screw conveyors, hose pumps with low, medium and high flow rates, and gravity filters for the purification of drinking and waste water.

Online measuring and real-time control for lower environmental impact
Selective, exact measurements from the Dulcotest sensors, combined with Dulcometer measuring and control equipment, provide reliable continuous monitoring and control.

The precise metering process complies with legally defined limit values, adding the required chemicals or disinfectants to the process at the right time and in the correct quantity. Chemical consumption is reduced to a minimum to minimise environmental impact.

Flexible standard and custom solutions
Water treatment can also be significantly cost-optimised. For example, sludge can be economically dewatered by adding flocculants. Polymer preparation and metering systems from the Ultromat and PolyRex series turn the sludge into a solution that is optimised for the subsequent process. New versions of the Ultromat are fitted with Simatic S7 PLC. This allows the speed of the drives used in the system to be economically controlled by means of frequency converters.

For viscous and abrasive media
ProMinent is adding new hose pumps to its range for low, medium and high flow rates. With a wide spectrum of flow rates from 17 l/h to 25 000 l/h, the key benefits of these hose pumps include low-impact material transport, dry priming and the transport of viscous and abrasive materials.

The emptying and metering station is especially suitable for waste water management, where it is used for sludge dewatering and the incineration of sewage sludge for energy production. In this scenario the big bag emptying station, fitted with a metering device, can be used to transport lime pneumatically and without dust for flue gas cleaning.

Gravity filters
The product range now includes gravity filters that reduce the volume of solids and suspended matter in the water to 5 - 10 mg/l.  The gravity filters are available in different versions for handling throughputs of up to 1200 m3/h.

ProMinent supplies components and systems that combine to create economical and sustainable complete solutions for the treatment and disinfection of drinking and waste water and flue gas cleaning. Users benefit in many ways, with innovative, non-technology-dependent systems that combine safety and low environmental impact with efficiency and sustainability.

For further information, please contact:
Michael Birmelin, ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH,
Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg, Germany
Tel. +49 6221 842-270, Fax +49 6221 842-432,
E-mail: m.birmelin@prominent.de

The ProMinent Group
ProMinent supplies water treatment solutions and manufactures components and systems for all aspects of fluid metering technology.
Based in Heidelberg, the ProMinent Group is a midsize family concern which in 2009 employed 2079 people and posted sales of €309.5 million. With 55 dedicated sales and service companies and agencies in over 60 countries, the company’s products and services are available all over the globe. ProMinent celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2010.
The Chemical Fluid Handling division develops, manufactures and markets components and complete solutions for the storage, transfer, metering and neutralisation of liquid chemicals. These solutions use chemical storage tanks, transfer pumps, metering pumps, measuring, control and sensor technology, complete metering systems and polymer preparation stations. The company’s products and services are all focused on metering technology.

Subsidiary company ProMaqua GmbH concentrates on the food and drink industry, drinking water supplies, hotels and spas, cooling water disinfection and legionella prevention. It also supplies complete water treatment solutions. The company’s products and services are all focused on hygiene and disinfection, with a product range that includes chlorine dioxide systems, salt electrolysis systems, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration, as well as measuring, control and metering technology.

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