IFAT 2016: NEW WEIMA PowerLine and FineCut waste shredders


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Just in time for IFAT 2016, the shredding specialist from Ilsfeld unveils its completely revised single-shaft shredder for waste shredding. Visitors in Munich will be the first to experience the innovations live. Designed for universal use, WEIMA’s PowerLine 3000 with powerful hydraulic drive will be on display.

No material is like the other. No matter if it is commercial waste, bulky or domestic waste, production waste, rejects and paper, wood residue and carpet materials – WEIMA guarantees efficient waste shredding and your ideal result in generating valuable, secondary raw materials.

Nowadays, intelligent and energy-saving disposal technologies have become more popular than ever. The reason: the future lies in waste. WEIMA already provides tomorrow's solutions today. The completely revised WEIMA PowerLine and FineCut series are not only significantly more robust and easier to operate, they also provide active support during the process. This benefits everyone being involved.

NEW WEIMA PowerLine waste shredder

What are the technical innovations?

Material supply has changed significantly. A new swing ram technology being installed in the cutting chamber is applied here that operates significantly faster and needs less power. In this process, the swing ram is guided on rolls. It can also be equipped with an extended ram plate for materials with a low bulk density. There are additional benefits in terms of maintenance. Thanks to its optimized design, the swing ram can be moved out of the machine frame towards the top. As a result, accessing the system becomes considerably easier.

The feeding process of the shredder is equally user-friendly. Material (also in bails) can be fed directly by using a wheel loader for example. This is possible due to the very low feeding point and an adaptive sub-frame. Depending on the design, the machine height amounts to 1,900mm or 2,900mm. True to the motto 'customized, no standard solution', each machine's degree of individualization is demonstrated by variable hopper attachments.

The cutting technology is equally important. In order to achieve a more aggressive material infeed, WEIMA also optimized the counter knives. Now they are installed at an angle. In this process, both the upper and lower counter knives can be adjusted externally by screws. Consequently, an ideal shredding gap can be configured in no time. The modular concept of the counter knives additionally simplifies their replacement for maintenance purposes.

The re-designed screen basket features similar characteristics. WEIMA now focuses on multi-part screen segments that can be variably replaced on the inside and outside and stretch across the entire working width. The corresponding segments total 500mm or 1.000mm.

However, it's not just the inside of WEIMA waste shredders that is worth mentioning. The machines external characteristics also score high marks in terms of design and functionality. Their basic, cubic shape is extremely compact and provides easy access to all shredder components. The covers attached to the sides protect the drive from dust, humidity and the elements and serve as a practical tool storage unit. The covers also reduce noise emissions.

Which drive would you like?

WEIMA provides plenty of drive options. Depending on the application, customers can choose from a total of three different concepts – hydraulic drive, direct drive or power belt drive.

If you opt for a shredder with hydraulic drive, it is possible to stop, start and reverse at any point and at full load, even in the most challenging conditions. Its simple structure and the fast reactions make it almost resistant to any kind of impurities. Secure and quickly triggering overload protection is also achieved by installing a pressure limiting valve and by simply reversing the direction of rotation. The torque and rotational speed can be adjusted flexibly, quickly, uniformly and gradually, without creating current surges and without having to use a frequency converter. The robust drive also impresses with extremely high torques over any period and a low kW consumption. The power consumption drops as a result of the low connection output in combination with an identical or even higher throughput. On a whole, it is possible to significantly cut the operating costs.

WEIMA's provided direct drives feature water-cooled, synchronous motors. They are characterized by their high torque density in the low and medium rotational speed ranges and features a so-called planetary gearbox, installed in the rotor. They make the drive particularly compact. In conjunction with the high overload capacity and the outstanding smooth running characteristics of the drives, they can be used for challenging and dynamic applications. Thanks to integrated, stainless steel water cooling, the machine guarantees ideal dissipation of the waste while providing a high protection rating. A fan unit is not required for these motors, thus significantly reducing the motor's noise emissions. The robust and compact motors are also largely maintenance-free, an additional benefit for cost-effective operation.

The conventional power belt drive is also available at WEIMA with a planetary gearbox and a frequency converter installed in the rotor (in PowerLine machines), as part of which the rotational speed can be ideally adapted. The output is transferred using a standard motor and a power belt. Complex hydraulic units are not necessary with this simple, tried and tested as well as robust drive option. The safety coupling installed in the pulley additionally protects the shredder from impurities and major damage. Low investment costs and user-friendly repair options make the power belt drive a cost-effective alternative.

Thanks to components for pre/post-shredding, WEIMA is a full service provider for single/multi-stage waste processing. Visit the shredder specialists in hall C2, booth 207.

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