IHS opens data transformation center in houston


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State-of-the-art secure facility is home of IHS Electronic Data Transformation services designed specifically to help E&P companies transform hard copy data assets into easy-to-access, secure digital formats

IHS (NYSE: IHS),the leading global source of information and analytics, today announced the opening of the IHS Data Transformation Center. The secure facility, located in Houston, is now the home of this innovative IHS Electronic Data Transformation (EDT) services capability, which adds value to exploration and production (E&P) companies by transforming hard copy records such as well files, paper logs, maps, seismic sections, legal documents and reports into proprietary, globally available, unlimited access, secure electronic databases.

“Finding oil and gas starts with the data that geosciences professionals need to do their jobs,” said Jim Wortham, vice president-IHS. “IHS EDT services replace cumbersome hard copy documents with a secure, easy-to-use electronic format that is readily accessible wherever and whenever it is needed.”

IHS EDT services leverages IHS geosciences expertise in aggregating, digitizing, correcting and standardizing energy information and applies it to customers’ often large collections of disparate, multi-format proprietary E&P data. The new IHS Data Transformation Center is at the heart of these services, enabling the secure transformation of hard copy records into electronic assets.

The 25,000-square-foot IHS Data Transformation Center is a centralized, secure facility that will serve the IHS global customer base which currently comprises business and governments in more than 165 countries. At the facility, client documents are carefully moved along a rigorous document control path as they are organized, analyzed for project scope, scanned, and cataloged based on pre-determined business rules. The documents are then stored, destroyed or returned to the owner depending on each client’s preferences. Along the way, IHS energy data professionals check the scans to ensure the information being captured is legible and consistent. Electronic records are delivered to clients in the format they choose.

The IHS Data Transformation Center is currently capable of turning 25,000 hard copy documents a month into digital files. IHS plans on expanding the facility by the end of 2013 to be able to handle 100,000 documents a month.

Clients rely on IHS EDT services for a number of critical data transformation initiatives, such as preservation of irreplaceable data found in hard copy documents, conversion of a hard copy file room into an easy-to-access digital data room, or the cataloging of data from different countries with multiple language requirements. Whatever the initiative, clients benefit by transforming easily destroyed paper documents into secure electronic/digital assets.

“It is vital to a company’s interests that this data be preserved and protected from destruction due to age or natural disaster,” Wortham explained. “Support for business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives is another reason many of our clients want to transform their hard copies into electronic intellectual property. By moving to an electronic format, you can more easily protect your data to ensure that it is always available when needed.”

IHS also offers a range of other records and data management services for E&P companies. These include information management consulting, data and records management services outsourcing, inventory and cataloging, storage and warehousing, data conversion and reformatting, and database management and digital asset integration.

For more information, please contact Jim Wortham at jim.wortham@ihs.com or press@ihs.com.

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