Illinois, One of a Few States with Bedbug Legislation


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Woodstock, IL, June 7th, 2011 -- Illinois recently joined several other states in pioneering legislation to combat the spread of bedbugs across their state.  Currently in Illinois there is legislation that railcars that will be occupied by the public be free from bedbugs and mandates regular cleaning and inspection of the railcars. In addition, legislation authorizes the Structural Pest Control Advisory Council to develop a report for the General Assembly, due later this year.  It will provide for prevention recommendations and control management of bedbug infestations across the state.


Last year, Chicago was listed as the 5th most bedbug infested city by Terminix.  The pest control company based their findings on both call volume of the blood sucking pests and confirmed cases. 


Just last month, Canadian scientists reported that they had discovered Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on bedbugs.  The research was conducted after doctors at a hospital noticed an increase in both bedbugs and MRSA infections. 


“Bedbugs are from the Cimicidae family of insects,” reported Ed Chambers, President of EC2, a leading building sciences consulting firm based in the greater Chicago area.    “They feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including people, usually while they sleep. Adult bedbugs grow to a size of only 4 to 5 millimeters which makes them difficult to identify.  They also have a tolerance for various environmental conditions which makes them difficult to eradicate.  Identification techniques in the field have typically relied on visual inspections, and in some cases, through the use of dogs trained to smell their presence.  Both of these techniques are prone to false positive and negative conclusions.  Fortunately there are also PCR based techniques that identify DNA characteristics from bedbugs.  This is one of the most accurate testing techniques and is now available to homeowners and property managers across the Midwest,” he continued.


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