Ilva Specifies Activent Ventilation System


Source: Flakt Woods Group SA

Logically, for a system that has established itself in Scandinavia, Fläkt Woods’ exclusive Activent ventilation system has been specified for the new ILVA store in Manchester.

Founded in 1974, ILVA has its roots deep in Scandinavia, and has a status of being the second largest furniture and homeware retailer in Denmark. Activent was specified partly because it has established a reputation within Scandinavia as being the system of choice in many varied applications.

Activent is an enhanced ventilation system for supplying and distributing air, it utilises special ducts equipped with a large number of small nozzles, to evenly distribute air along the entire length of a duct. The ducts are clearly visible within ILVA’s ceiling void.

The system is commercially silent and operates by using small jets which mix room air through induction and set large masses of air slowly into motion to provide even temperature throughout the occupied zone. Due to the effective mixing technique, air can be supplied at a temperature much cooler than room air, without causing draughts.

It works in both small and large areas and has been used in all types of premises ranging from offices and schools to department stores and industrial facilities. Cooling effects up to 300W/m2 can be obtained in premises with lower comfort requirements, for example, when cooling hot workplaces in industrial facilities where high air velocities can be accepted. Fläkt Woods also supplied the air handling units on this Project completing the ‘system sell solution’

A full technical brochure is available, and HVAC designers can use Activent computer software for designing complete installations, including velocity profiles and acoustic analysis.


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