IMMI 2014- Noise Mapping at its best

Source: Wölfel Group

IMMI 2014 helps you getting your tasks done better and faster.

Intuitive handling:

  • Managing all tasks in an easy way
  • Calculation, assessment, prediction,...
  • For all noise sources

Powerful calculation:

  • Calculation Control Center: managing all tasks in a single dialogue
  • Distributed calculation - support of multicore and dividing project into tiles
  • Improved generation of grids, tables, maps (2D, 3D), statistics, reports,...
  • One clear and simple user interface - access to all program functions
  • Up to 18 grid layers in one calculation process
  • A-weighted, 1/1-octave and 1/3-octave sound sources in the same project
  • Calculation of sound propagation in rooms - VDI3760
  • Calculation of air pollutants - Gauss and Langrange

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