Improved Performance for Monitoring System DASMON that Handles Large Data Volumes at Chip-Producing Fabs


Source: DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

Newly-released version is capable of monitoring biggest equipment parks • DASMON monitors Point-of-Use Waste Gas Abatement Systems • Environmental Experts of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH present software update for DASMON monitoring solution at SEMICON Europa

The Dresden-based specialist for environmental technology, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH not only provides solutions for waste gas abatement to their customers in thesemiconductor industry, they also connect the installed systems in the fabs to an independent central monitoring tool. “Many of our customers grow and expand their systems for waste gas abatement step-by-step as their factory’s capacity increases,” Dr. Guy Davies, Director of the business unit waste gas treatment at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH says. “Our solution connects the DAS and on request also third-party systems with an intelligent monitoring tool.” In 2013, the company has completely redesigned its product, DASMON, a monitoring tool for waste gas abatement systems, and has successfully installed it for one of their large international clients. “The new version is much easier to scale,” Davies says. “When expanding existing fabs, the old DASMON system was often limited with large number of connections. The redesigned DASMON is expandable without a problem even when connected to a large number of abatement systems. Expansion is fast and happens without any maintenance-related interruptions of production.”  

“The System Helps Itself”

The DAS software reads all relevant data of the installed systems and evaluates the data automatically. DASMON makes it possible to monitor up to 200 systems per server without any problem and can easily be expanded with additional servers. “Currently, the largest monitored equipment park contains 300 systems. By collecting and analyzing 12 million data records daily, trends over time can be identified and services can be optimized,” says Duong-Quang, Tran, the developer responsible for the redesign of the system. Should there be an abnormality in any of the components, the environmental technologists are immediately taking action.  

Intelligent Software for Efficient Processes

“One of the biggest challenges for our customers is the maintenance of the installed waste gas abatement systems, since servicing them usually means interrupting ongoing operations,” Davies says. The DAS software solution reduces maintenance-related process interruptions to a minimum. “With our tool, the equipment advances from conventional preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance: Single parts do not need to be replaced or adjusted in regular intervals, but signal their need for maintenance directly to the system,” Davies says. “Our service technicians supervise all installed systems from a single monitor screen and can recognize at a glance if one of the necessary parameters diverges. This is how we target interventions.” Through this innovation the DAS monitoring tool reduces maintenance-related interruptions and supports process- and-cost optimization. “Starting at ten systems – or any number of non-centrally installed waste gas abatement systems – using the DAS tool will result in a visible drop in operating costs,” Davies says.  

One Tool for All Systems

The DAS solution is easy to install and its user-friendly interface allows easy integration of systems from different manufacturers without requiring any software adjustments. “Based on the data we collect, we release quarterly software updates that continuously adapt the monitoring tool to each customer’s specific requirements,” Duong-Quang, Tran says. ”Since April 2013, after just one year of the developmental phase, our solution is successfully being used at one of our European clients,” adds Davies. “The cost reduction and increase in efficiency they have achieved prove that an intelligent monitoring tool is a true competitive advantage.” 

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