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For more than 30 years IMR Inc. has been supplying effective and innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial uses through its design and manufacturing of combustion gas analyzers. IMR collaborates with companies across the globe in providing customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. IMR’s innovative culture and renowned reliability allow for revolutionary results for their customers. IMR’s passion for design led to the creation of portable measuring analyzers which are now being used internationally. Overall, IMR analyzers add value to any industry employing a combustion process or furnace such as a power station, refinery, steel or other smelter plant (to name a few).

 IMR’s products can be customized to meet the specific needs of each and every customer. IMR’s robust product line offers multiple channel online gas analyzers, monitoring and recording equipment. Portable Instruments are also available, extending the range and capabilities in gas analysis technology.

 Gas analyzers are great investment. They help to regulate emissions to ensure companies adhere to local laws and regulations. They also help to ensure the safety of the company and it’s employees working in the factories or power plants because it is incredibly important to monitor and regulate the emissions being released within the plants to maintain an optimal fuel/air mix. With an IMR instrument in place improvements in the fuel/air mixture can easily be made. For example, a combustion process in a furnace with too little air will result in incomplete combustion soot formation and a high CO/CO2 ratio. In contrast, too much excess air means incomplete combustion and unnecessary emissions and heat escaping up the flue with the exhaust gas.

 IMR’s Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are ideal for use at power plants, refineries, and process plants. The IMR CEMS uses the latest sensor technology including electro-chemical sensors and NDIR benches. The IMR CEMS is unique in providing simultaneous multiple gas monitoring capabilities plus other variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, particulate analysis among others. As solid, liquid, and gas fuels have varying calorific values to calculate fuel efficiencies, IMR analyzers are able to store both common and more unusual fuel factors. The quality of the emission can only be clearly established through the exact measurements given by IMR gas analyzers which measure all parameters necessary to optimize combustion. The regulations regarding combustion require that heat-generating plants be operated in such a way that their emissions related to their heating capacity do not exceed the values demanded by local regulations.

 IMR combustion gas analyzers are simple to operate, flexible, have wide measuring ranges and are extremely accurate. These high-technology systems for measuring emissions have gained an outstanding reputation from not only IMR customers in the US but all around the world. We are delighted to be able to introduce IMR Environmental Equipment to the market. We are confident that the industrial solutions will prove to be invaluable in promoting the efficiency and profitability of a broad range of industry sectors.

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