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Increased activity on the cable recycling market


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The regulatory changes regarding import of waste cable into China, has shaken about an otherwise traditional industry. When one door closes another one opens, and many companies want to take advantage of the opportunities arising

At ELDAN we have seen a noticeable increase in interest for cable recycling solutions since import restrictions where made known. Companies with existing cable recycling lines are looking to either expand their system or to optimize it by adding on a pre-chopper or additional separation equipment. Companies who are new to cable recycling but see large potential in it are looking to either set up a complete recycling system in general or to focus on a specific type of cable.

Peter Jones, ELDAN UK Branch Manager, follows the changes with great interest: “We noticed a significant increase in interest for cable recycling plants. The upswing in quotations is evenly spread out globally, while sales so far has been focused to Russia, Eastern Europe, USA and Middle East. The customers do not want to miss out on this opportunity, and therefore the time between first quotation and sales is much shorter than before. In the UK we have seen a large upsurge in requests for various cable recycling solutions. We have as one example installed a complete recycling line processing 6 ton per hour at global scrap recycling Sims Metals Group. We have great expectations for the RWM show in Birmingham.”

“Difficult” cable types becoming more attractive
Cable types which previously have been considered less desirable to recycle has begun to grow in interest. Copper cables with low metal content (below 40%) and harness wire are two examples which will be more looked-for during 2018. Usually processing of harness wire will rise large health concerns. ELDAN however has solutions for shredding and sorting harness wire producing #2 quality output - all done in a dust friendly environment.

Carsten Nielsen, Technical Support and Product Manager at ELDAN often assists customers who want to improve their production “We see many existing cable recyclers who also wish to take part of the new business opportunities. Companies contact us to do a check on the system to see if something can be improved. As one example an American cable recycler has been up and running with his system for more than 10 years. He was content with the production but wanted to see if it was possible to make the recycling facility more efficient. By adding a pre-chopper and making a few other modifications to the system, they increased the capacity from 2000 kgs up to 4500 kgs. Working in one shift, the customer will earn back the investment in approximately 1,5 years!”

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