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inCTRL Solutions at WWTmod2016 in Annecy, France


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inCTRL had a highly successful WWTmod2016 conference! We were involved in the following activities:

Young Water Professionals: We sponsored the YWP workshop and both Oliver and Leiv were invited to present.





Granular Sludge Modelling Meeting
Oliver Schraa from inCTRL, Leon Downing from CH2M, and Tanush Wadhawan from Dynamita co-chaired a Granular Sludge Modelling Meeting with 20 attendees. Oliver gave a presentation on modeling the control of granular sludge reactors using SIMBA#.

Mind the Gap – Overcoming Data Issues in Process Modelling
Oliver co-organized this workshop and gave a presentation on methods for handling on-line data.


The chairs Kris Villez and Adrienne Menniti reporting back from the Data workshop.

Process control strategies for dynamic efficiency modelling: From unit to whole-plant
This workshop was chaired by Lluis Corominas and Diego Rosso (who replaced Pusker Regmi who couldn’t make it). Leiv led two sessions in the workshop and moderated a debate on controller design. Jens Alex from ifak Magdeburg presented several models and ideas on control and energy.

Control&Energy WS_GroupWork

Control&Energy WS_LR

Control&Energy WS_LC_LR


Papers and Posters with inCTRL involvement:

Towards advanced aeration modelling: from blower to bubbles to bulk (oral presentation)

Andreia Amaral, Oliver Schraa, Leiv Rieger, Sylvie Gillot, Yannick Fayolle, Giacomo Bellandi, Youri Amerlinck, Séverine T.F.C. Mortier, Riccardo Gori, Ramiro Neves and Ingmar Nopens

Development of a Model for Activated Sludge Aeration Systems: Linking Air Supply, Distribution, and Demand (poster presentation)

Oliver Schraa, Leiv Rieger and Jens Alex

Application and Validation of the META-ASM Model at an A2O WWTP (poster presentation)

Jorge Santos, Leiv Rieger, Ana da Silva, António Martins and Adrian Oehmen

Monday, April 4, 2016

  1. Oliver presented our poster on “Development of a Model for Activated Sludge Aeration Systems: Linking Air Supply, Distribution, and Demand” to an interested audience.
  2. Leiv attended a meeting of the Management Committee of the IWA ICA Specialist Group in his function of vice-chair of the group.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Leiv introduced the two WEF ambassadors Diego Rosso and Jose Jimenez.

Leiv and Julie Jimenez (INRA) moderated a session on reporting a summary and feedback from the Young Water Professional workshop.



We were co-authors of a fusion paper entitled “Towards advanced aeration modelling: from blower to bubbles to bulk”. Ingmar Nopens from Ghent University presented the paper and Oliver came to the podium to answer questions on our contributions to the paper.

Leiv attended a meeting of the Management Committee of the IWA MIA Specialist Group

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Leiv led one of the two competing teams in the final (fun)debate on whether models are becoming too complex to be useful. Leiv’s team advocated the need for increasing model complexity to fill in knowledge gaps.

And of course inCTRL was also actively involved in all the exciting discussions on modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment.




We are looking forward to 2018 when WWTmod is back in Quebec, Canada. Yves Comeau and Mathieu Spérandio will chair the conference. Leiv will be co-chairing the Organizing Committee together with Peter Vanrolleghem.

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