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Industrial Process and Cooling Water Treatment Training Course for operators


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“To understand and operate both the cooling water treatment and process water (demineralization and boiler feed) systems at industrial facilities. The aim is to prevent biofouling, deposits and corrosion problems and understand the importance of a good water treatment system and the implications of inferior water quality.”

After following this comprehensive course, participants will be able to:

  • operate a cooling water system without the risk of failures due to biofouling. All different aspects which influence the cooling water operational specifications will be taken into account including type of treatment, biology, chemistry and intake and cooling system design.
  • operate a steam system according to international guidelines, be aware about plant specific operational windows of critical chemical parameters and be alert to early warning signals indicating deviations from optimal water quality and/or developing corrosion problems.
Who should attend?
The course is aimed at operators and first level management of large cooling systems, boiler and demineralization systems. Our experience has shown that staff from chemical and environmental departments will find many things of interest.

Course Setup

The course program consists of several modules that each cover a specific topic. A course day will consist on different modules which will be selected based on the local requirements. This training will be based on an in-depth understanding of all related processes in industrial applications in combination with practical operational field experiences, as laid down in local and EU guidelines or in (for example) VGB[1] guidelines. Through case studies it is demonstrated what may be the impact of inefficient treatment of your industrial water streams which would result in very costly effects.

The available knowledge is transferred through PowerPoint aided training course, with as much as possible interaction/dialogue between participants and instructors. This is achieved by maintaining an informal atmosphere, where questions can be easily raised.

The Trainers

This training will be provided by very skilled instructors with a long background in biofouling control for large industrial installations and with significant training experience. They carry about 40 years of operational experience in this technology, ranging from commissioning to operational support/advice. The instructors are from the Netherlands and have worked internationally and have experience in working in 5 continents and 40 countries.  

[1] VGB: Association of large boiler users in Europe, world leading on operational guidelines for high pressure boilers

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