Industries Honored for Being "Good Corporate Citizens"


Source: Marketwire

WHITTIER, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 07/12/12 -- The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County today sent Certificates of Recognition to 575 companies for being 'good corporate citizens' for the year 2011. These companies have met their limits for wastewater discharge for at least a year, maintained their environmental equipment and fulfilled all permit requirements. Ninety-one of the companies have received this recognition for more than five consecutive years.

'These companies have successfully demonstrated environmental compliance,' notes Grace Robinson Chan, Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Sanitation Districts. 'We appreciate and applaud their efforts, because it helps us comply with our requirements and run our wastewater collection and treatment systems cost effectively.' Ms. Chan announced the certificate awardees at the meetings of the Sanitation Districts' Boards of Directors.

'The recipients of these awards are pleased to receive them, knowing that the Sanitation Districts view industry as a partner in the effort to protect the environment,' notes Sam Bell, Vice President of Metal Surfaces, Inc., of Bell Gardens and chair of the Industry Advisory Council. 'We hope this will continue to be an award that is sought after by industry and recognized by the public. The Sanitation Districts have always worked closely with industry, and recognizing industry for conscientious compliance is a further step to encourage companies to meet regulations, protect the environment, and save water and energy.'

The idea for the Certificates of Recognition originated with the Sanitation Districts' Industry Advisory Council, an advisory group of 20 representatives from different industrial sectors. The Council and the Sanitation Districts felt it was important that industries with good compliance records be recognized. The Recognition Program is now in its sixteenth year.

'When we get the LACSD compliance certificate, those associates that are involved with the wastewater systems are glad that they are doing things right... it is a huge motivator for them,' stated Bill Woyshner, Manager of Environmental and Risk Management, Tuftex Carpet Division of Shaw Diversified Services in Santa Fe Springs.

'This is a great opportunity to build relationships between private industry and regulators,' said Cynthia Kurtz, Executive Director of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership. 'It is critical that we work together if we are to rebuild the job base and economy of Los Angeles County.'

'This Recognition Program demonstrates how industry and local government can work cooperatively to sustain jobs and protect public health and the environment,' added Dave Snyder, head of the Sanitation Districts' Industrial Waste Section.

The Sanitation Districts are a regional agency consisting of 23 independent special districts serving over 5.7 million people in 78 cities and the unincorporated territory within Los Angeles County. The Sanitation Districts protect public health and the environment through innovative and cost-effective wastewater and solid waste management, and in doing so convert waste into resources such as reclaimed water, energy, and recycled materials.

Good Corporate Citizens List
Industries Recognized for Compliance with Wastewater Discharge Requirements for 2011

City of Alhambra Department of Utilities(1)
Mission Corrugated/Mercury(3)

Calco Farms, Inc.(3)
Danco Metal Surfacing(3)
Los Angeles Turf Club, Inc.(4)
Tessera MEMS Technologies(1)

California Dairies, Inc.(3)
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation(3)
Thrifty Oil Company(5)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Dec Fabricators(1)

Archcom Technology, Inc.(4)
BFI Waste Systems of North America, Inc.(3)
Brothers Plating
Buena Vista Food Products, Inc.(2)
Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.(7)
Kemac Technology, Inc., Tecomet, Inc.(1)
Lindsey Manufacturing, Inc.(1)
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation(1)
Reichhold, Inc.(8)
Rick's Radiator(1)
S & S Foods, LLC(7)
Universal Metal Plating, Inc.(8)
Veolia ES Technical(11)
Very Special Chocolats, Inc.(3)

Baldwin Park
Baldwin Park Operable Unit, LLC(4)
Baldwin Park Operable Unit, LLC(4)
In-N-Out Burger, Inc.(2)
Touchdown Technologies, Inc.(1)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Valley County Water District(3)

Custom Building Products, Inc.(4)
Waterstone Environmental, Inc.(3)

Bell Gardens
Certi-Fresh Foods, Inc.(5)
Red's Catering II(2)
Wei-Chuan USA, Inc.(5)

Sunny's Cleaners, Inc.(1)
The Courtesy Glass & Mirror(2)

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.(8)
Anemostat, a Mestek Company(1)
Barton Brands of California(3)
Blue Creations of California(3)
BP Pipelines (North America Inc.)
Carson Carson Cogeneration (Site 2)(1)
Crude Terminal(1)
ConocoPhillips Company(1)
Coronet Manufacturing(1)
Dae Won, Inc.(1)
Daico Industries, Inc.(10)
Huck International, Inc.(3)
Hydroform USA(1)
International Paper Company(2)
K.T.'s Kitchens, Inc.(4)
Kinder Morgan Material Services, LLC(1)
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department(3)
Prudential Overall Supply(9)
Research Tool & Die Works(8)
Rhodia, Inc.(2)
Sanyo Solar USA, LLC(4)
Shell Oil Products US(1)
Stauffer Management Company, LLC(7)
Stephen Claman(1)
Tetra Tech, Inc.(1)
Texollini, Inc.(2)
Thrifty Oil, Inc.(4)
Union Pacific Railroad(1)
Valmont Coatings - Calwest Galvanizing(2)
Ventura Transfer Company(1)
Waste Management, Inc.(2)
West Coast Aerospace, Inc.(10)

Carson, continued
Western Tube & Conduit Corporation(3)

Captek Softgel International(1)
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation(2)
Pankl Aerospace System(1)
Prudential Overall Supply(1)
Rock Tenn(1)
Shell Oil Products US(3)

City of Commerce
Adel Wiggins Group(10)
Air Louvers / Samson Products(1)
Amvac Chemical Corporation(8)
Asco Sintering Company(1)
Ashland, Inc.(5)
ATK Space Systems, Inc.(4)
Atlas Carpet Mills(7)
BNSF Railway Company(4)
Contessa Premium Foods(4)
CSD of Los Angeles County - Commerce Refuse to Energy
Interstate Meat Co., Inc. dba Sterling Pacific Meat
Company, Inc.(1)
Mission Foods(4)
Monogram Aerospace Fasteners(1)
Newark Pacific Paperboard Corp.(8)
OXY USA, Inc.(1)
Prudential Overall Supply(3)
Ramcar Batteries, Inc.(1)
Safeway, Inc. dba Los Angeles Bread Plant(1)
Smithway Associates, Inc.(1)
Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.(5)
Union Pacific Railroad Company(3)
Univar USA, Inc.(6)
Wiretech, Inc.(3)

Unincorporated L.A. County
American Renolit Corporation LA(2)
Fleming Metal Fabricators(1)
Lafayette Textile Ind., LLC(8)
Ultimate Metal Finishing
Univar USA, Inc.(2)
Valley Plating Works, Inc.(3)

City of Industry
Adtech Optics, Inc.(4)
Alcoa Fastening Systems(1)
Allfast Fastening Systems(5)
Alta Dena Certified Dairy(3)
Bay Valley Foods, LLC(1)
Bentley Prince Street, Inc.(7)
Best Formulations(3)
Cardinal Industrial Finishes(1)
CSD of Los Angeles County(3)
Earth Textile Development, LLC(5)
Ecolab, Inc.(3)
Environmental Lighting for Architecture(3)
Emtek Products, Inc.(3)
Great River Food(1)
Heartland Farms(1)
Langer Juice Company, Inc.(1)
Lights of America, Inc.(2)
Los Altos Food Products, Inc.(3)
O'Tasty Foods, Inc.(4)
Pac Foundries Industry(6)
Pactiv Corporation(1)
Safe Plating, Inc.(1)
San Gabriel Valley Water Company(4)
Snak King Corp.(3)
Tropicana Manufacturing Company(3)
Troy CSL-Lighting, Inc.(1)
United Technologies Corporation(1)
Valley Processing - Div. of Mitchell Rubber Products, Inc.(2)
Whitewave Foods Company(1)
Zausner Foods dba Fleur De Lait West(7)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Bomark, Inc.(2)
CSD of Los Angeles County PHLF / MRF(4)
Laguna Clay Company(3)
Unical Aviation Services(1)
USS Cal Builders(1)

Green Spot Packaging, Inc.(3)
Hirel Connectors, Inc.(1)


Unincorporated L.A. County
L.A. Garment Wash, LLC(1)
Univar USA, Inc.(3)

Akiyama Tsukemono California, Inc.(6)
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority(1)
Alloy Processing(1)
Atlantic Richfield Company(1)
Azteca Dye & Laundry(1)
B & B Pallet Company(4)
Continental Forge(1)
Dameron Alloy Foundries, Inc.(3)
E.M.E., Inc.(5)
Foster Poultry Farms, a California Corp.(3)
Las Palmas Nursery Can Company(3)
Morrell's Electro Plating, Inc.(2)
Owens Corning(4)
Ralphs Grocery Company(1)
S & K Industries, Inc.(1)
S & K Plating, Inc.(1)
Sodexo Textile Service Center(1)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Head West, Inc.(1)
Plaskolite West, Inc.(7)
Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.(2)

Rayne Water Conditioning, Inc.(4)
Stabile Plating Company, Inc.(4)

Consolidated Foundries, Inc.(1)

BCI Coca-Cola of Los Angeles, a wholly
owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company(1)
Florence Meat Packing Company, Inc.(2)
Kirkhill Manufacturing Company(2)

Estephanian Originals, Inc.(2)
Pacific Scientific(1)
Soyfoods of America(2)

El Monte
Driftwood Dairy, Inc.(1)
Harlow Plating Company(10)
Invenlux Corp.(1)
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority(2)
M.C. Gill Corp.

Precision Coil Spring Co.(1)

El Segundo
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.(2)
NanoH20, Inc.(3)
Raytheon Company(4)
Raytheon Company(7)

Angelus Plating Works(7)
Bay Cities Laundry, Inc.(3)
Bubalus, Bubalis, Inc.(1)
Budget Uniform Industrial Supply, Inc.(1)
International Linen Supply(1)
Maneri Sign Company, Inc.(7)
Standard Metal Products, Inc.(7)
Sweet Ovations, LLC(3)
The Source Group, Inc.(5)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Caitac Garment Processing, Inc.(1)
Fastener Innovation(1)
Fastener Innovation(2)
Field Fresh Foods, Inc.(1)
International Die Casting, Inc.(8)
Micro-Etch Company(3)
Radiant Services Corp.(11)
Sun Dyeing & Finishing, Inc.(3)
TP Industrial, Inc.(5)
Verne's Chrome Plating, Inc.(12)

Covina Irrigating Company(2)
Hallmark Metals, Inc.(2)
Ormco Corporation(2)

Hacienda Heights

Unincorporated L.A. County
Shell Oil Products US(5)

Harbor City
Brea Canon Oil Co., Inc.(1)

Unincorporated L.A. County
C-Brite Metal Finishing(4)
Maxima Enterprises, Inc.(2)

Hawaiian Gardens
Jerry's Radiators & Kim's Auto Repair

Interplastic Corp.(3)
Northrop Grumman Corporation(3)
OSI Optoelectronics, Inc.(8)
Teledyne Relays(1)
Thompson Industries(1)
Triumph Aerostructures, LLC(2)

Huntington Park
Aircraft X-Ray Laboratories, Inc.(8)
Wire Guard Systems, Inc.(3)

Chromplate Company(8)
City of Inglewood - Sanford Anderson Water
Treatment Plant(3)
Don Lee Farms - Goodman Food Products, Inc.(3)
Enterprise Holdings, Inc.(1)
Multichrome Company, Inc.(2)
Rho-Chem, LLC(7)
Zephyr Manufacturing(5)

Alu-Mont Furniture Company(2)
Lovin Oven, LLC(2)
MillerCoors, LLC(3)

Unincorporated L.A. County
California Custom Fruits and Flavors, Inc.(7)
Davis Wire Corporation(1)

La Mirada
Georgia Pacific Corrugated III LLC(2)
Kyees Aluminum, Inc.(3)
Microsemi Corp., P.M.G.(3)
Oakite Products, Inc.(8)
Shasta Beverages, Inc.(1)
Solid State Devices, Inc.(4)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Crothall Laundry Services, Inc.(2)
Suburban Water Systems(3)

La Puente
Thrifty Oil Company(5)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Sigma Plating Company, Inc.(2)
Size Control Plating Company, Inc.(9)

La Verne
City of La Verne Public Works(2)
M.W.D. of Southern California -
Weymouth Filtration Plant(3)
Paper Pak Industries(2)
PRS Industries, Inc.(1)

ExxonMobil Oil Corporation(5)

California State Prison - L.A. County(4)
L.A. County Probation Dept. Challenger
Memorial Youth Center(1)
Mission Linen & Uniform Services(3)
Sierra Suntower, LLC(3)

Long Beach
American Textile Maintenance dba Medico
Antique Metal Finishing(2)
Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc.(3)
BP-Arco, East Hynes Facility(3)
Crosby & Overton, Inc.(2)
E & T Limited Liability Company(2)
Edgington Oil Company, LLC(2)
Eversoft, Inc.(7)
Exxonmobil Corp.(6)
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation(3)
Fine Quality Metal Finishing(2)
Hamilton Sundstrand(4)
International Garment Finishing Corp.(1)
LCW Oil Operations, LLC.(1)
Long Beach Plating Company, Inc.(1)
Los Angeles County DPW,
Flood Maintenance Division(2)
Los Angeles County DPW / Flood
Maintenance Division(2)
Los Angeles County DPW/ Flood
Maintenance Division(1)
Lubeco, Inc.(3)
Metropolitan Stevedore Company(1)
Neill Aircraft Company(1)
Oil Operators, Inc.(1)
OXY Long Beach, Inc.(4)
Petro-Diamond Terminal Company(9)
Quality Aluminum Forge(2)
Republic Master Chefs(2)
Shell Oil Products US(4)
Shell Oil Products US(5)
TABC, Inc.(2)
Talco Plastics, Inc.(6)
The Boeing Company(3)
The Termo Company(2)
Thrifty Oil Company / TOC No. 023(5)
Thums Long Beach Company(9)
Water Replenishment District of Southern

Los Angeles
Ace Clearwater Enterprises(2)
California Dept. of Transportation
CM Laundry, LLC(1)
Jessie Lord Bakery, Inc.(5)
King's Hawaiian Bakery West, Inc.(4)
National Technical Systems(3)
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company(3)
Southern California Gas Company(6)
Swisstex California, Inc.(7)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Aramark Uniform Services(2)
Artwear, Inc.(4)
Boeing Company, The(1)
ConocoPhillips Company Terminal - Tank
ConocoPhillips Company Lube Plant(4)
Harland M. Braun & Company(6)
Mighty Soy, Inc.(2)
Quality Anodizing & Plating(2)
Spectrum Plating, Inc.(2)

Cargill, Inc.(1)
Century Regional Detention Facility(5)
Chrome Nickel Plating(3)
Equilon Enterprises, LLC dba Shell Oil
Products US(4)
Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc.(3)
Royal Catering dba Certified Caterers(3)
Therm-O-Namel, Inc.(2)
Triumph Processing, Inc.(2)

Manhattan Beach
City of Manhattan Beach(1)

Food Express, Inc.(3)
US EPA Region IX - Pemaco Superfund Site(1)
W.W. Henry Company(4)

3M Unitek(3)
Burnett & Son Meat Company, Inc.(4)
Jan-Kens Enameling Company, Inc.(8)

A.D.C. Truck Wash(4)
Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.(1)
Fleischmann's Vinegar Company, Inc.(3)
Industrial Container Services - CA, LLC(6)
Magic Laundry Services, Inc.(4)
Minson Corporation(1)
Southern California Gas (7)

Monterey Park
Aero Powder Coating, Inc.(12)
Kotura, Inc.(10)
L.C. Miller Company Corp.(10)

Conocophillips Company(1)
Metropolitan State Hospital (3)

Lockheed Martin Corporation - Plant 10(6)
Lockheed Martin Corporation - Site 2(10)
Lockheed Martin Corporation - Site 7(7)
Northrop Grumman Systems - Aerospace
Systems Sector - Site 3(4)
Northrop Grumman Systems - Aerospace
Systems Sector - Site 4(4)
The Boeing Company(4)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Murphy Safety Switch of CA, Inc. dba
Murcal, Inc.(1)

Ace Clearwater Enterprises(1)
Ariza Cheese Company(1)
California Polishing & Plating, Inc.(2)
Carlton Forge Works(1)
Durkee Testing Laboratories(1)
Express Powder Coating(1)
Fortress Resources, LLC dba Royal Truck
Leavitt's Metal Finishing(1)
Marukan Vinegar USA, Inc.(2)
Paramount Petroleum(1)
Sav-On Plating, Inc.(1)
Shell Oil Products US(5)

Unincorporated L.A. County
City of Paramount(1)
Jayone Foods, Inc.(2)
S T & I, Inc.(3)

Avery Research Center(12)
City of Pasadena, Water & Power Dept.(4)
Dy-Dee Service of Pasadena, Inc.(5)
Foothill Vocational Opportunities, Inc.(2)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory(6)

Pico Rivera
Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc.(3)
GE Mobile Water, Inc.(4)
Lubricating Specialties Company(6)
Manning Beef, LLC(3)
Mitchell Laboratories, Inc.(2)
Pico Rivera Plating, Inc.(3)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Krieger Specialty Products(2)

Braun Linen Service, Inc. - Pomona(1)
City of Pomona
City of Pomona - Utilities Services Dept.(3)
City of Pomona, Well 37(1)
Consolidated Foundries Pomona(1)
CSD of Los Angeles County - Spadra Landfill(12)
Equilon Enterprises, LLC dba Shell Oil
Products US(1)
Hamilton Sundstrand(9)
Hehr Glass Company(8)
Industrial Alloys, Inc.(4)
K. C. Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(12)
Ripon Cogeneration, LLC(6)
Structural Composites Industries(3)
Thrifty Oil Company(1)
Vertis, Inc.(3)

Rancho Dominguez

Unincorporated L.A. County
MGH Gourmet, Inc.(2)
Monico Alloys, Inc.(1)
Santa Monica Seafood(2)

Redondo Beach
LACDPW Flood Control(1)

Rolling Hills Estates
CSD - Palos Verdes Landfill(4)

Harry's Radiator Shop(8)
Hermetic Seal Corp / Ametek(3)
Kater-Rite, Inc.(3)

San Dimas
Western Pacific Storage(6)

San Gabriel
Socal Uniform Rental(6)

Santa Clarita
Bang Printing(3)
Bocchi Laboratories(3)
Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.(1)
Cinetech, Inc.(1)
City of Santa Clarita, Transit Maintenance
City of Santa Clarita dba 18 Bakerton Pump
Electrofilm Manufacturing(1)
Hamby Corporation(3)
Honda Performance Development, Inc.(4)
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute(1)
Valley Syncom Circuits, Inc.(3)
Waddan Systems(2)
Western Filter Corp.(1)
Woodward HRT, Inc.(3)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation(3)
TA Aerospace(1)

Santa Fe Springs
Allblack Company, LLC(1)
Arcadis, U.S., Inc.(3)
Blair Adhesive Products, Inc.(7)
Breitburn Operating, L.P.(1)
Brenntag Pacific, Inc.(3)
Brown Pacific Wire, Inc.(6)
Bumble Bee Foods, LLC(4)
California Box Company(2)
Cal-Tron Plating, Inc.(1)
Chemical Transfer Company, Inc.(2)
Continental Heat Treating, Inc.(3)
Con-Way Freight, Inc.(1)
Custom Chemical Formulators, Inc.(4)
Day-Lee Foods, Inc.(2)
Electromatic Inc.(3)
Final Finish, Inc.(1)
G & K Services Company(4)
G & M Oil Company(4)
Gabriel Enterprises(3)
Galaxy Brazing Company, Inc.(1)
Golden West Refining Company(2)
Goodrich Corp.(1)
Hamrock, Inc.(1)
Heraeus Metal Processing, LLC(3)
Hexacomb Corporation(5)
I-Coat Company, LLC(1)
INX International Ink Company(1)
McKesson Corporation(2)
Muscle Dynamics, Inc.(1)
Olin Chlor Alkali Products(4)
Orange County Chemical Supply(1)
Orange County Nameplate Company, Inc.(1)
Precision Tube Bending(1)
Procal Air Separation Facility(4)
Rich Products Corp.(1)
Rich Products Corporation(2)
Shaw Diversified Services, Inc.(2)
Special T Water Systems, Inc.(7)
Super Dyeing, LLC(2)
Tri-Star Dyeing and Finishing(1)
Trojan Battery Company, Inc.(2)
Turbine Engine Components Technologies Corp.(1)
Whiting Enterprises, Inc.(6)

Santa Fe Springs, continued

Unincorporated L.A. County
Temple-Inland, Inc.(1)
Univar USA(3)


Unincorporated L.A. County
Peter J. Pitchess Honor Rancho(1)

Signal Hill
Hof's Hut Commissary(7)
Oil Operators, Inc.(3)
R. D. Mathis Company(2)
Siemens Industry, Inc.(5)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Axis Petroleum Company(2)

South El Monte
Eemus Manufacturing Corp.(4)
Avoda Holding Company, Inc. dba Abacus
Powder Coating(3)
Bob Martin Company(1)
Detoronics Corporation(12)
Ditty Container, Inc.(5)
Hong Kong Denim Design, Inc.(1)
Jenco Plating, Inc.(1)
Lee Pharmaceuticals(3)
Mil-Spec Plating Corporation(3)
Santoshi Corp. dba Alum-A-Coat(3)
Sincere Foods Company(3)
Vacco Industries(12)
Vaga Industries(3)
Vita King Bean Sprouts(3)

South Gate
American Apparel Garment Dye House(1)
Anadite, Inc.(2)
Astro Aluminum Treating Company, Inc.(3)
Brenntag Pacific, Inc.(4)
Edson Industries(12)
Johns Manville(6)
Koo's Manufacturing, Inc.(6)
Pacific Fruit Processors, Inc.(2)
Parker Hannifin Corporation(1)
Rainbow Powder Coating, Inc.(5)
Shultz Steel Company(2)
Southgate Foods, Inc.(5)

Alcoa Global Fastners, Inc.(3)
Americas Styrenics (4)
Arkema, Inc.(2)
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.(6)
Diamotec, Inc.(2)
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation
General Dynamics Satcom Technologies,
Global Communication Semiconductors,
Honeywell International, Inc.(2)
L-3 Communications Electron Tech, Inc.(4)
Lotus Natural Pet Food(1)
Naturalife Eco-Vite Laboratories(1)
Peptisyntha, Inc.(1)
Photo Sciences, Inc.(3)
Polypeptide Laboratories, Inc.(1)
Robinson Helicopter Company, Inc.(12)
Virco Manufacturing Corporation(6)
Water Replenishment District of Southern
West Basin Municipal Water District (1)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Conagra Foods Packaged Foods, LLC(1)
Stewart Filmscreen Corp.(5)

Novacap, Inc.(1)
Stoll Metalcraft, Inc.(1)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Magic Mountain, LLC(2)
Talladium, Inc.(1)

A & G Engraving, Inc.(6)
Air Products and Chemicals(9)
All American Manufacturing (2)
Allied Feather & Down Corporation(3)
Ameripride Uniform Services(5)
A's Match Dyeing Company(1)
Baker Commodities, Inc.(3)
Barksdale, Inc. a subsidiary of Crane Co.(8)
Bicent (California) Malburg, LLC(3)
BNA Color Industry, Inc.(1)
Cargill, Inc.(1)
Charlie's Pride Meats(1)
Christensen Plating Works, Inc.(3)
Clorox Products Manufacturing Company(3)
Coast Packing Company(6)
Culver City Meat Company, Inc.(1)
Denim-Tech, LLC(2)
Engineered Applications(5)
Engineered Applications, Inc.(1)
Exide Technologies(3)
ExxonMobil Vernon Lube Plant(2)
Fantasy Dyeing and Finishing, Inc.(3)
Fruitland Associates(2)
International Paper(3)
Kennedy Nameplate(1)
King Meat, Inc.(7)
L.A. Wash Rack, Inc.(3)
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.(3)
Mrs. Gooch's Natural Food Markets, Inc.(6)
Overhill Farms, Inc.(7)
Overhill Farms, Inc. Plant #2(3)
Owens-Brockway Glass Container, Inc.(4)
Pabco Paper Products(5)
Packaging Corporation of America(2)
Papa Cantella's, Inc.(8)
Randall Foods, Inc.(2)
Rite-Way Meat Packers, Inc.(11)
Seven-Up Bottling Company, Inc.(3)
Simply Fresh Fruit, Inc.(2)
Soco West, Inc.(4)
Southland Box Company(2)
Sterigenics US, LLC(2)
Stone Blue, Inc.(2)
Sweetener Products Co. & Vernon Warehouse Company(2)
Tempo Industries, Inc.(3)
U.S. Ecology California, Inc.(2)
United Colors of America(1)
United Food Group, LLC dba AFA Foods(1)
Vernon Truck Wash, Inc.(1)
West Coast Rendering(6)
Wimatex, Inc.(7)
Yaegaki Corporation of USA(1)
Yonekyu U.S.A., Inc.(1)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Gardner Gibson Co.(3)

West Covina
BKK Landfill - Cogeneration Plant(1)
Interspace Battery Corporation(3)

City of Whittier Savage Canyon Landfill(2)
Jack's Radiator Service(2)
Russ Bassett Company(2)
Tool and Jig Plating(3)

Unincorporated L.A. County
Miller Casting, Inc.(1)
Quaker City Plating, Ltd.(9)

BP West Coast Products(3)
Praxair, Inc.(7)
Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company(1)

Note: Superscript numbers indicate the number of consecutive years of compliance.

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