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INFLAS - The Clever Sealing System Made by EBRO


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Designed for valves in applications with highy abrasive or sensitive media

2019-06-03 - EBRO ARMATUREN, Gebr. Bröer GmbH, Karlstr. 8, D - 58135 Hagen, Tel. +49 2331 904-0, Fax: +49 2331 904-111, Email: post@ebro-armaturen.com -- In closed position the sealing ring is pneumatically pressed against the disc. The abrasive wear, which often causes grooves or rills in the elastomer is nearly avoided. When opening the valve the sealing ring releases immediately and opens a thin gap between disc and sealing ring. Friction is considerably reduced and the lower torque ensures easy opening of the valve. Closing the valve the integrated controller checks the plausibility in split seconds and independently regulates the process: The disc is driven into position “Closed”. Due to the open gap neither abrasive media is rubbed into the sealing ring nor sensitive media are pulverized. Just after the product flow stopped the sealing ring is smoothly pressed against the disc. INFLAS is recommended where pressurization vessels are used. Pressure drops may cause small rills to become severe channels/tubes. INFLAS is available for all resilient seated EBRO butterfly valves with replaceable liner DN 80- DN 600.

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