Inflatable Pipe Balloon


Source: PLUGCO

The Plugco Pipe Balloon is an inflatable plug used to close off a pipe and block the flow in a quick and simple way to enable safe maintenance and repair of the pipe. The plugs are built with SBR+NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics.

Pipe Balloon

Pipe plugs are available in many shapes, forms and diameters. The main purpose of usage of Pipe Balloon (Pipe Plug) is blocking pipe or channels to stop fluid flow (water, sewage water or drain water). Pipe Balloon (Pipe Plug) is used for pipeline leakage test, if there is an available manhole on the line, the pipeline to be blocked from both side by two pieces Pipe Plug model plug and then the test water to be filled from manhole to test the system.

Pipe Balloon (Pipe Plug) are available in many different sizes ranging from 30 mm to 2000 mm and many different pressure ranging 0,2 to 6,0 bar. Please, visit Plugco homepage to see all of our Pipe Balloon products.

You can also give an order for a custom production. Please contact a PLUGCO engineer to discuss your requirements for a custom production.

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