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Untitled Document Gosford City Council in New South Wales, Australia, has joined the growing list of Australian local authorities, utilities and consultancies to select InfoWorks as their hydraulic modelling software platform.

Located between Sydney and Newcastle, Gosford City Council is the largest non-metropolitan water authority in NSW, serving a population of approximately 160,000. The Water and Sewerage Directorate of Gosford City Council provides and manages the town water supply and sewerage services for the Gosford City Council area.

To aid the Council in the infrastructure planning and operational management of its networks, Gosford has acquired licenses for both InfoWorks WS for water supply and InfoWorks CS for collection systems.

InfoWorks benefits

Ian Burrow, Investigations Engineer at Gosford Council explains that Wallingford Software presented the InfoWorks suite to Gosford at a time when the Council had a requirement to improve the modeling of not only its sewer network but also its water supply network.

“Both InfoWorks WS and InfoWorks CS covered all the essential aspects required to perform detailed network analysis, as indeed do a number of competing software products,” explains Ian Burrows. “We were convinced however that the performance of Wallingford Software’s hydraulic engines would meet our needs both now and into the future. The dynamic time step of the InfoWorks CS solver is a particularly good feature.

Data Integrity

“However it was not just the hydraulic aspects of the program that sold us on InfoWorks. We felt that the products strike the right balance between hydraulic modeling and data processing functionalities. Our organization, like many others throughout Australia, has some issues with both the coverage and consistency of network data. InfoWorks provided the tools to quickly identify and remove these errors and made import and export with our GIS editing environment very easy. The easy but powerful query selection tools combined with features like inference and tracing functions really shone during the model build.

“The common look and feel of the CS and WS interfaces is well suited to our business where staff are required to work across water and sewer disciplines rather than being limited to one or the other. This feature definitely reduced the time it took to ‘learn’ the packages and meant that we were getting a return on software investment quickly.

“Overall InfoWorks balances the competing needs of full dynamic hydraulic modeling with the reality that most organizations like ours in Australia are pressed for resources and time. There are other packages available that can perform the hydraulic modeling required but they can’t beat InfoWorks for layout, functionality and simplicity. At the end of the day this translates into greater productivity and a better return for your software investment.

“The Wallingford team did an excellent job of presenting the software to us, they allowed us to trial both modules and get ‘hands on’ experience with the software. They also helped us understand how InfoWorks features could help us with our specific needs by taking the time to talk to our staff.”

Joint management

In conjunction with the neighboring Wyong Shire Council, Gosford City Council jointly own and share responsibility for Water Supply Headworks to the two communities through a committee of the two Councils (Gosford/Wyong Councils' Water Authority) formed in 1977. The Authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of water supply assets, including dams and treatment plants for improving, conserving and supplying water.

Through the Water Authority, Gosford and Wyong Councils manage the third largest urban water supply system in New South Wales. Early infrastructure was built seventy-five years ago but most infrastructure in use today was built during the past twenty five years.

Gosford and Wyong Councils separately manage all aspects of the distribution system within their own local government area. This includes meter reading, finance and accounting, network design, system operation and maintenance.

Network infrastructure

The water supply headworks dams, weirs, treatment plants and associated works are jointly owned and operated by the two Councils. In particular, the joint Authority is involved at the point where water is transferred between the two councils. The system has been designed to enable water to be transferred in both directions if necessary.

Trunk mains and pumping stations deliver water through the distribution system to 40 storage reservoirs. The reservoirs serve to maintain stable water pressure, supplement water availability during high demand periods and provide a safety net should a failure occur within the distribution system. Consumers are supplied from the network of smaller diameter pipes connected to reservoir outlet mains and trunk mains.

The joint water supply system serves an urban population of 285,000 people. Current population projections indicate that the system is expected to service a Central Coast population of approximately 350,000 by 2020. The water demand in 2001 was 33,270 megalitres. Based upon current growth projections, demand will be above 40,000 megalitres a year by 2020. (Each of these numbers should be multiplied by 0.264 to also give the result in US gallons – different to Imperial Gallons))


Working in conjunction with Gosford’s consultants, Sydney Commerce, modeling with InfoWorks is underway, for both the Gosford area and Wyong communities.

“I believe it is vitally important that the network models developed by organizations can be transferred easily”, says Ian. “Whether it be to an external service provider or between modeling systems, portability and openness are key requirements of modeling software.

“We see that in the realms of spatial data management the wheel has turned and customers no longer want to be tied into a single system. They want choice and flexibility and I believe it is inevitable that modeling software must head down a similar path.

“To this end Wallingford software makes it extremely easy to migrate data into and out of their products. They support two industry standard GIS packages used by the majority of utility organizations and taking data in or out is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

“They also support HarmonIT* which will be a very important step towards openness and interoperability within the modelling world.

“I believe that Wallingford Software is responsive to customer needs and does a very good job of balancing the differing needs and customers whilst continuing to invest significantly in product development,” Ian concluded.

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