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InfoWorks WS v7.0 to feature Automated Pump Optimization

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Wallingford, UK – 7 December 2005 – Automated pump optimization is just one of numerous enhancements that will feature in the latest version of Wallingford Software’s InfoWorks WS software solution for water supply and distribution network modeling, due for release before the end of 2005. Other developments include enhanced query tools and demand analysis, and further development to the Critical Link Analysis tool released earlier in the year.

InfoWorks WS v7.0 will feature an Automated Pump Scheduler based on the use of genetic algorithms for producing optimized pump schedules. The optimizer includes comprehensive modeling of power tariffs and is able to account for high and low voltage costs, pump standing charges, varying maximum and usage power rates through day, week and year, and multiple power suppliers.

InfoWorks WS v7.0 will also feature enhancements to querying tools and demand analysis. SQL queries can now be run against two sets of simulation results at the same time, to compare and report on key differences between the two scenarios – a powerful development for assessing the impact of alternative courses of action. For demand analysis, InfoWorks already has the most advanced toolset in the industry for allocating demands to a network, and these tools will be enhanced to give even greater detail and more flexibility. In addition to the features listed above, InfoWorks WS v7.0 will provide clients with a long list of new features and improvements. The already very popular Critical Link Analysis tool has been further developed to be run against large networks of more than 50,000 links that InfoWorks routinely models.

Paul Banfield, Sales Director of Wallingford Software, explained the benefits of the new release: “With skyrocketing energy prices, our clients will be happy to hear that InfoWorks WS now includes a free pump optimization tool. Typically optimization software is a separate module that has to be purchased at extra cost or as a consulting service.

“The many other developments in Version 7.0 further exemplify the pace at which new functions are added to InfoWorks, and existing functions are enhanced. Our aggressive release schedule, with two releases for each of our products each year, and every one of them a genuine upgrade compared to the previous version, means that we keep ahead of the market, and the users’ requirements, wherever possible. I believe Version 7.0 will prove to bring tangible benefits across our user base around the world.”

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