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inge AG equip Kärcher’s water cleaning systems with its ul-trafiltration technology


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Kärcher is going to introduce to the market a new product line for the purification of water. The units - so called Point-of-Use-Systems (PoU) - will be used directly at draw-off point of the main pipe in households to clean the tap water. The German ultrafiltration specialist inge AG has especially developed the technological heart of this product for Kärcher – a small type filtration modules with its patented Multi-bore membranes.

Greifenberg, December 7th 2007 – The Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG is among the biggest cleaning equipment manufacture worldwide with its product range covering private households, commercial facilities and industry. In 2006, the family-run business achieved a turnover of 1.254 billions Euro by selling 6.07 Million units. The large range of Kärcher products includes products for drinking- and waste water treat-ment for hotels and campsites, farms, garages and industry companies.

inge AG specializes in equipment for the purification of drinking-, process and waste water by ultrafiltration technology. Its patented and self-manufactured Multibore membrane is the most robust on the market. Ultrafiltration is a filtration technology which offers the secure removal of germs, micro-organisms, turbidity and other particles from the water. The pore size of the membrane is so small that it builds a physical bar-rier which even viruses and bacteria cannot pass.

The excellent stability and high reliability of the Multibore membrane make it the best technological choice for the development of new water treatment systems. This is especially important for the operation of Point-of-Use (PoU) systems where the tap water is directly treated at the point of draw-off. Such systems are consumer products which have to be reliable, easy to manage and long-lasting.

Kärcher’s Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Graf confirms: “We decided to rely on the competence and the experience of the leading German ultrafiltration specialist for our new PoU product line. inge AG has devel-oped customized ultrafiltration modules according to our specifications which are suitable for the operation of PoU systems and has equipped those with their patented Multibore membrane. Thus, we have jointly created a new generation of PoU water cleaning systems which offer the highest quality level and which will set a new standard in that market segment.”

Wolfgang Distler, CEO of inge AG states: “After having just recently been able to announce the sales co-operation with American Siemens Water Technologies, now the cooperation agreement with a successful and famous German company as Kärcher demonstrates that inge AG is established as technology leader internationally. We are proud that our membrane and module developments help to make use of ultrafiltra-tion more often as an economical and environmentally reasonable technology on a worldwide basis – and not only in medium- and large-size water treatment plants but also in the homes of the consumers.”

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