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Innov-X Systems, Inc. and BT-Wolfgang Binder work together to develop automated plastics sorting system

Innov-X Systems, Inc. and BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH recently announced they are increasing their level of cooperation by further developing their REDWAVE QXR technology; this time for the plastics recycling markets.

Earlier this year, Innov-X and BT-Wolfgang Binder entered into an OEM agreement to develop and market a new high volume glass sorting system -- the REDWAVE QXR-G. This system combines Innov-X’s unique automated XRF technology and BTW Binder’s novel REDWAVE concept which effectively separates heat resistant and leaded glass from clean glass cullet.

The success of this partnership has made Innov-X and BT-Wolfgang Binder decide to further strengthen the cooperation by developing the REDWAVE QXR technology for the plastics recycling markets.

Since the REDWAVE QXR technology sorts material based on the chemical composition, it could potentially have a big impact on the plastic recycling market. “There is a huge market demand for a sorting system that can effectively remove black PVC and brominated plastic from shredded plastics,” says Innov-X CEO Don Sackett. “Our partnership has been very satisfying so far and we are more than happy to take the next step and explore these additional applications together with BT-Wolfgang Binder.”

Heinrich Fuchs, CEO of BT-Wolfgang Binder, says, “Our extensive experience in plastics sorting and our proven mechanical equipment combined with Innov-X’s XRF expertise will allow us to bring this much needed technology to market and offer a solution for the recyclers. We are very excited to further strengthen our successful cooperation with Innov-X.”

Innov-X Systems is a world-leading innovator of portable/on-site XRF technology, offering handheld, mobile laboratory, and high volume in-line systems for a wide variety of industries. The QXR technology provides unique solutions, and has already proven to be a welcome addition to existing sorting technologies in both glass and metal recycling markets.

BT-Wolfgang Binder is a leader in the development of optical sorters for the glass recycling industry. Their advanced REDWAVE technology provides effective removal of ceramics, stones, porcelain and other ceramics from clean glass cullet.

REDWAVE also includes sorting systems for the paper and plastics recycling industries, utilizing both Near-Infrared spectroscopy and Line Scan Camera technology to sort by color and material class.

About Innov-X Systems, Inc.
Innov-X Systems, founded in 2001, is a global leader in rapid, on-site XRF measurements. Innov-X provides real-time, non-destructive analysis where the answer is needed the most. Their full suite of on-site XRF products provide high performance elemental analysis for Mg thru U, ppm to 100%. Innov-X Systems has the breadth of XRF experience and range of product offerings to provide field-hardened, high global service organization with worldwide operations, sales, and service. Headquartered in the U.S. with R&D and manufacturing facilities, they have offices in Europe and Asia. In addition, sales and service (including installation & training) is available in over 100 countries.

About BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH
Founded in 1997, BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH has steadily grown to a mid-sized company, which is headquartered in Austria, with approximately 60 employees and an annual turnover of approximately EUR 25 Mio. Nearly one-third of the turnover and a significant part of the company’s growth were made in the area of environmental technology. Amongst others, BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH is specialized in supplying equipment and/or turnkey plants for the glass, plastics and paper recycling industry.

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