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INNOVA 3434i - SF6 Leak Detection Monitor for Energy Markets


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The system measures the total concentration of the SF6 gas in an enclosed area of a GIS Substation to determine the leak rate

Santa Clara, CA / Ballerup, DK -- Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, with a Global Warming Potential of more than 22,000 times than that of CO2. Over the past decades, manufacturers have replaced oil high-voltage switch gears with SF6-insulated units. Today, the power utility industry uses roughly 80% of all SF6 produced worldwide.

The Lumasense SF6 Leak Detector 3434i offers a perfect combination of performance, comfort and safety. Based on the LumaSense own-PAS technology (photoacoustic spectroscopy), the system provides highly accurate, reliable and stable quantitative gas analysis and detection. The increasing environmental demands and pressures in connection with the careful operation of SF6 target this system an important tool for everyday use.  By accurately measuring leak rate, utilities can improve quality while decreasing costs and emissions.

The 3434i monitor is the main component of SF6 gas detection system. It is flexible and provides users with a very high precision by offering automatic compensation of temperature and pressure, and water vapor compensation and measurement. In addition, the instrument that is designed without wearing parts, is extremely stable and works entirely without the use of consumables or radioactive sources.

In combination with Multipoint Sampler(s) INNOVA 1309, the system is expandable at any time to an area-monitoring system in up to 24 locations. Furthermore, a remote control capability via LAN is possible by using the LumaSoft  MultiPoint 7860 software.

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