Innovative anemometer and wind direction sensor



US Manufacturer of wind sensors Barani Design is expanding its portfolio of wind sensor solutions. The new wind speed sensor (anemometer) integrates a high response electronic wind direction vane into one compact unit.

Its innovative design enables measurement of wind direction with better than 1 degree accuracy. Response rate is also very high.  The wind direction vane contains a 9bit (512/rev or 0.7deg) magnetic sensor which is remotely adjustable and has no dead band.

This wind vane’s zero friction design allows uniquely high sensitivity to wind direction changes for accurate wind direction and air turbulence measurements.  Combined anemometer and wind direction sensors are especially suitable for monitoring wind flow rates for residential wind energy applications due to their accuracy and relatively low cost.

The anemometer sensor package may also feature integrated temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors as part of the Atmo™ line of wind sensor and data logger products.  

Other notable features of this Atmo™ line of anemometer sensors are their complete digital intelligence as well as memory necessary for signal linearization of wind speed, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. When combined with a Barani Design wind data logger and Atmo™ software, this sensor suite provides a wind energy assessment solution with unsurpassed price to performance ratio and  plug-and-play ease of use for the average consumer.  

About Barani Design

Barani Design is a rapidly growing high-tech anemomter wind sensor company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The company is an international supplier of sensor solutions and data logging systems to such companies as Whirlpool/Bauknecht and NASA.   Barani Design supports its international customers with tailored sensor system solutions.

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