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Innovative Dry Separation/De Dusting Technology of Aggregates waste streams


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Previously not attractive for recycling

31.03.11 -- Oy Cyclotec Ltd Reports introduction of innovative Dry Separation/De Dusting Technology of Aggregates waste streams previously not attractive for recycling.

Up to date due to waste fines contamination most of the fraction smaller then 5-6 mm is not used. Dry screening at 5-6 mm and smaller fractions is not efficient.

Wet de dusting methods applied, make waste fines even less attractive for utilization, due to need for waste fines drying for further application/utilization.    

Multi Product Air Separators out stand state of art separators by broader on line adjustment of product size capabilities resulting finer product at range of 100-160 microns at higher separation efficiencies, and ability to work with feed moisture up to 5%.

 Multi product combined separators were designed for Particle size/density/form factor in air flow separation of dispersed materials.

 The technology permits up to Four de dusted separation products Simultaneously in size range of 0.1 to 10mm, or products with a specified particle size distribution function.

Capacity from 0.1 t/h to 80t/h (maximum upscale throughput  100 t/h)

 Applications include, Processing of scalpings in crushing-sorting lines for environmental ecological improvement by waste reduction in the following applications:  de dusted fillers/aggregates, for asphalt/concrete/dry mix plants

De dusting of gravel and fraction separation of gravel sand mixes and sands

Dry beneficiation of mining & mineral waste

 Distinctive Advantages of the technology are

On line adjustment of particle size

Sharp Accuracy of separation

Reliability & convenient maintenance (vertical surfaces wear protected by polyurethane & horizontal surfaces are made from manganese steel.

NO moving parts & self lining bed protection

Low energy consumption (4-6 kW/ton)

No dust hazard & low noise disturbance

Working with Feed moisture of 5%


Till 2010 12 units with capacities from 30-80 t/h were supplied for the following applications:

Granite/marble/gravel, scalpings processing, sand/glass/ talc ore/ feldspars separation

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