Innovative Flow Measurement for full Pipes


Source: NIVUS GmbH

Introducing the NFP in June 2007, NIVUS are proud to provide another further development in the field of high-accuracy permanent flow measurement technology.

The new NFP (NIVUS Full Pipe) has been developed particularly for flow measurement in full pipes with diameters between 100 and 800 mm.

Right as the NIVUS OCM Pro, the NFP is a so-called profiler based on the cross correlation method with digital pattern detection for flow measurement in slightly to heavily polluted media. The effective flow conditions at the measurement place are investigated independent from the medium conductivity by detecting the flow distribution within pipes utilising up to 16 individual flow velocities.

The unit has high accuracy and an unrivalled cost / performance ratio. Appropriate NIVUS accessories facilitate installation and keep maintenance expenses low. Sensors can be removed for inspection or maintenance purposes at any time during operation.

Installation is very simple since it needs only a 1 1/2' welding nozzle or a tapping clamp and a ball valve. This is why upgrading and new construction of measurement places can be carried out in a quick and cost-effective manner.

The NFP not only perfectly replaces obsolete or defect magnetic-inductive and other measurements, it is especially suited to equip new measurement systems as well. It is not necessarily required to remove existing measurements since the new sensor will be simply installed upstream of the old one. The sensors are optionally available with Ex protection and can be immersed permanently. It is possible to use cables with a length of up to 100 m between sensor and transmitter without any problems.

Diameters larger than 800 mm are covered by the OCM Pro CF as usual. The intuitive dialog mode as well as the graphic display utilising proven NIVUS standards allow to put the system into operation very easily.

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