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Innovative Smart Decentralized Wastewater Solution wins Fluence Corporation (ASX:FLC) another Contract for a Seafood Company in South America


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Reinforcing Fluence’s leading position in the US$6.1B Food and Beverage water and wastewater treatment market, the Company has been awarded a US$1.7M contract by Irotop S.A., a leading fish processor in Ecuador

Melbourne, Australia & New York, USA -- Fluence Corporation Limited (“Fluence” or the “Company”) today announced that it has been awarded a US$1.7 million contract with Irotop S.A., a leading Ecuadorian fish processing company, to purify wastewater from its tuna and sardine processing and packing plants.

This success follows recent contracts won in Ecuador, Italy, Brazil and Argentina and confirms Fluence’s leading position in delivering smart decentralized wastewater solutions to customers in the international food and beverage production market.

“Water and wastewater solutions in the global Food and Beverage market are estimated at around US$6.1B, with this market growing at over 6% annually. Fluence has secured this mandate by leveraging its experience with food companies internationally, such as Tadel S.A., The Eurofish Group, and poultry companies in Italy and Brazil,” said Henry Charrabé, Fluence’s Managing Director and CEO. ‘’Fluence has developed a strong expertise in these wastewater treatment applications including its innovative anaerobic digestion technology. We help our customer’s operations become more sustainable by reducing their reliance on external water, energy, and by recycling highly polluted effluents after treatment. Our smart solutions also produce substantial anticipated cost savings, resulting in a short pay back for our clients.’’

Processed fish is Ecuador’s fourth largest export segment, generating an estimated US$896M each year. As Ecuador updates its current fisheries and aquaculture law to meet international standards, local fish processing companies are adopting sustainable technologies to ensure they can contribute positively to the nation’s global, long-term trade balance. These practices empower the fish processing and wastewater treatment companies to comply with regulations, protect the local water supply and shrink their operations’ ecological footprint.

In addition to the Irotop S.A. project award, the newly built Smart Decentralized Wastewater Treatment plant by Fluence for Tadel S.A., a fish rendering plant in Ecuador, was successfully commissioned last month. This is the first wastewater reuse plant in the fish processing industry in Ecuador, confirming Fluence’s position as an industry leader for wastewater reuse applications internationally.

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