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Broomfield, Colorado USA -- Delivering on its customer-centric approach to wet infrastructure modeling and management applications, Innovyze today announced expanded asset management capabilities for its industry-leading CapPlan Sewer. Leveraging users’ feedback, enhancements in V6 generation of the best-in-class asset performance modeling solution strengthen criticality analysis, CCTV video review, analysis and scheduling, and workflow flexibility for complex rehabilitation planning and budgeting.

Many of the world’s wastewater collection systems are reaching or have exceeded their design lives and urgently need extensive upgrading through rehabilitation, repair, and/or replacement. As aging systems deteriorate, they become increasingly vulnerable to structural failures and are plagued by excessive leaks, drops in carrying capacity, poor water quality, and service disruptions. Age-related infrastructure failures are often unexpected and catastrophic, resulting in significant service disruptions, flooding, and local area damage. The only financially responsible solution is to create well-engineered, risk-based capital improvement plans. Since 2007, Innovyze’s CapPlan product line, CapPlan Sewer and CapPlan Water, has been the leading software choice of utilities faced with creating such plans and optimizing their infrastructures.

CapPlan Sewer allows utilities to plan system improvements by scoring both the probability and consequence of failure for each underground asset. The assets that have the greatest likelihood of failure and the greatest consequences associated with the failure will be the most critical. Probability of failure is determined based on the pipe’s physical condition and location as well as its hydraulic performance characteristics. Consequence of failure ranking draws on data such as service to critical facilities, total flow carried, population served, adjacent vehicular traffic, and other related geospatial factors. Assets that affect system operation normally rate high on the consequence scale, while assets in poor condition have a high probability of failure.

Able to run on either the ArcGIS-based InfoSWMM or stand-alone H2OMAP platform, CapPlan Sewer tackles the toughest data integrity and processing issues that slow typical large-scale asset management analysis projects. Leveraging the unique CapPlan Sewer architecture, users can seamlessly work between hydraulic modeling calculations and traditional GIS data to determine probability and consequence scores without cumbersome, error-prone exports and data synching to other applications. CapPlan Sewer also gives wastewater utilities the unique ability to directly view, analyze and score CCTV defect data and video footage, eliminating the need for specialized third-party viewing software.

Key new features in V6 include: new fully customizable flowchart for generating a rehabilitation plan with an enhanced budget-driven planning tool, new bi-directional risk matrix calculations with expanded risk report, additional rehabilitation methods and user-specified cost tables, PACP quick ratings computation, and dozens of new and enhanced data query and graphical display capabilities.

“A strong asset performance modeling and capital planning strategy is critical for every wastewater utility,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, Hon.D.WRE, F.ASCE, President and COO of Innovyze. “By helping utility managers make better decisions on when to repair, replace, or rehabilitate their critical assets and develop a long-term funding strategy for these projects, Innovyze CapPlan helps them ensure the long-term sustainability of their utilities as well as their ongoing ability to deliver the required level of service. The enhancements in this latest release further strengthen the leading capabilities of CapPlan, making our users more productive and effective managers of their assets.”

Pricing and Availability
CapPlan Sewer V6 is available immediately by subscription worldwide. For the latest information on the Innovyze Subscription Program, including availability, pricing, and purchase requirements, visit or contact your local Innovyze Channel Partner.

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