Innovyze Releases InfoWorks ICM Generation V8


Source: Innovyze

Feature-Rich Release Delivers Complete Suite of Advanced Integrated Catchment Management and Flood/Pollution Control Simulation Tools with Unsurpassed Performance and Reliability

Broomfield, Colorado, USA -- Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced the release of the V8 Generation of InfoWorks ICM, its comprehensive urban drainage modeling solution. InfoWorks ICM enables users to work more efficiently and get the reliable information they need to make better design and operational decisions for optimal performance. It has rapidly become the solution of choice for integrated river, sewer and overland flow modeling among utilities, municipalities, local authorities and their consultants around the world.

The new release represents the leading edge in integrated, best-in-class smart catchment modeling. It incorporates many of the features requested by its global customer base — a clear indication of the Innovyze commitment to quickly responding to users’ needs while providing them with significant value and competitive advantages.

A hallmark of InfoWorks ICM is its dynamic integration of one-dimensional (1D) hydrodynamic simulation of flows in rivers, open channels and pipe networks and two-dimensional (2D) hydrodynamic simulation of surface flooding in the urban environment and river floodplain. The combination, achieved through a coupling of 1D and 2D flow equations, provides a powerful solution for simultaneously modeling belowground and aboveground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths, enabling true integrated river, sewer and overland flow dynamic modeling. The software also takes interactions of natural and man-made environments into account, and effectively simulates the impact of polluting runoff and effluent from urban areas on water quality.

InfoWorks ICM V8 offers a wealth of new functionality while further extending the software’s advanced analysis capabilities. Enhancements include direct calculation of sediment depth and net deposition for river reach sections, ability to simulate very shallow flows on steep slopes and model Green-Ampt infiltration as well as turbulence (by applying eddy viscosity) in 2D simulations. Other advances include improved SUDS controls and results generation and SQL functions, along with increased flexibility in importing telemetry data and time-series databases. Other key improvements include modeling of transitional flow regime for siphons and the taking into account of local time changes when calculating wastewater or trade waste profiles; the ability to export ground model grids to Esri ASCII raster format; more flexibility in editing scenario notes, layer themes and custom graphs and importing RTK hydrographs from SWMM5; and new results fields for flow direction.

Many more new features and capabilities are detailed in the “What’s New” section of the online help for InfoWorks ICM V8.

InfoWorks ICM gives engineering professionals the most advanced and comprehensive toolset for planning, designing, operating and sustaining safe and resilient drainage systems that protect public health and our waterways.” said Mohamed Abdillahi – Innovyze’s Director of Product Development - International Operations. “V8 builds on the foundation of previous InfoWorks ICM releases, addressing user feedback by incorporating valuable new capabilities that will create a significant competitive advantage by making it easier and faster to simulate and optimize urban and river catchments. With each successive release, InfoWorks ICM is evolving to meet our customers’ growing requirements, reinforcing its position as the industry-leading solution for urban and rural catchment modeling.”

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