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Insertion flowmeters offer economic measurement for range of liquids


Source: Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

The Saddle series of turbine flowmeters from Hoffer Flow Controls offers an economical alternative to more expensive in-line liquid flowmeters. Designed with interchangeable rotors for small pipe diameters, these insertion style flowmeters provide accurate liquid flow measurements for 2”, 3”, and 4” diameter pipes.
Industrial grade construction enables the Saddle series to be used in a wide variety of liquid measurement applications including hot and cold water, HVAC and facility plants. The 316 stainless steel housing insert, 17-4 PH rotor, hard carbon composite sleeve bearings, and PVC installation saddles enable the meters to operate at a max pressure of 235 PSI and a max temperature of 140°F.

Linearity is ±2% or better. Repeatability is ±0.25%. Flow range 25 to 1650 GPM.

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