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Inspectahire launch the new FLIR EX- Series


Inspectahire Instruments LTD, an Aberdeen based Remote Visual Inspection Company, are delighted to announce the launch of the FLIR Ex-Series. The thermal imaging cameras, produced by FLIR, give you access to a new dimension in inspection capability.

Launched at the beginning of October, the Ex- Series will be replacing the i-series, previously produced by the company. The new series is a drastic improvement to the old entry level, point and shoot, i-series.

The FLIR Ex-Series provides a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel. The combined image storage of the new MSX (multi-spectral dynamic imaging technology), thermal and visual formats make the cameras incomparably easy to use. The MSX feature ensures that visible light coming through the built-in camera will be added to the entire infrared image in real time. This allows for more detailed and recognizable images.

This kind of technology has not previously been found in these types of models, although often included in more expensive products. The detail-enhancing technology is a fantastic feature to the Ex-series. The cameras rugged construction ensures it is suitable for use in all kinds of environments, whether it be harsh or hazardous. Each model is capable of with standing a two-metre drop.

Although the cameras were designed to be very rugged they also offer a simple one-button control system. These controls handle menu navigation, imaging mode change and measurement tools. This feature along with the fact the model has a focus-free lenses ensures it truly is an effective point and shoot product.

Four models are available in the Ex-Series range, the key difference between the cameras beings the quality of the images produced. Image quality ranges from 80x60 pixels in the E4 model, to 320x240 in the E8. A larger amount of pixels will result in a clearer image; this image will allow the user to gain a more detailed view of its subject. That being said, the E4 is a very effective piece of technology which will be most appropriate in some situation.

This is also a key feature to the cameras- they are all very flexible in terms of usage. One camera can be used for a wide range of scenarios, from detecting overheating in electrical units to providing the location of pipes/cables, as well as being able to locate personnel in night-time man overboard incidents.

Inspectahire is committed to being progressive in the application of new technology and developing innovative processes. That is why they are delighted to be a major distributor for Flir, who also strive to bring the advances in thermal technology to the masses. Flir has updated its products consistently over the past few years, trying to bring the latest and most effective solutions to the user.

Inspectahire is an authorised FLIR distributor. For more information or to arrange a product demonstration, or telephone 01224 789692.

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