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Source: Intelex Technologies Inc.

Intelex Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 5 of the Intelex System. With over 160 new features and improvements, this release of the Intelex System includes some of the most significant improvements to its software since the company’s inception in 1992.

Intelex 5 truly represents a new standard in environmental, quality, health & safety, and business performance management software. The Intelex interface has always been user-focused, but the latest release of the Intelex System puts user convenience front and center. With hundreds of new features and enhancements, users of Intelex 5 can now complete all EQH&S and business performance tasks from within a single, organization-wide Intelex platform.

One of the most thrilling features of this release is the new Message Center. This new functionality provides Intelex users with a means of communication that is designed to enhance collaborative efforts from within the Intelex System. Whether it’s through an email exchange or a discussion forum, users can easily initiate dialogue with other users from any Intelex record. An inventory page tracks all of the emails and discussion postings conducted across the system.

Another major feature of Intelex 5 is the new configurable module homepages. For every Intelex Module a unique default homepage has been implemented that can be quickly modified to satisfy any user’s preferences. The new homepages provide an instant, real-time snapshot of the module information that’s most important to each unique user, which means employees can spend less time digging for information and more time completing tasks.

Over 15 new Scorecards feed data directly onto dashboards and/or homepages in Intelex 5. These Scorecards automatically update information and metrics as they become available, which means Intelex users can make critical business decisions based on the most recent data for their organization.

Additional enhancements include custom project calendars; a global setup page; dual signature capability (CFR 21 Part 11 compliance); in-system PDF conversions, document-lock controls against print and save features; custom email templates; custom formulas and calculations; and more.

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