Intelex releases greenhouse gas emissions tracking software


Source: Intelex Technologies Inc.

Intelex announces the release of its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting System, expertly designed to enable mid-size and enterprise organizations to improve their environmental performance through effective carbon footprint tracking and reporting.

With this new sustainability solution, users can collect, track, and report their current carbon footprint as well as their progress toward sustainability targets. This system is unique in that it’s been designed to enable end-users to define multiple emission point sources without the assistance of a technical team. As point sources are opened or closed, organizations can independently configure their system and reporting workflow to reflect these changes.

“The GHG reporting dashboard will give executives an instant, real-time snapshot of their sustainability performance across their entire organization,” said Mark Jaine, President and Chief Executive Officer at Intelex Technologies. “Accurate data reporting is key to making smart business decisions ultimately improving a company’s bottom line. Intelex’s built-in reporting suite is sophisticated enough to report on emissions inventories and targets for single locations, divisions, or multiple business units with organizational-wide roll up.”

The Intelex Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting System is a cost-effective resource for mid-size organizations interested in improving their environmental performance without acquiring costly environmental consulting services. The software allows these companies to track, report, and self-regulate their sustainability efforts. It also gives them the option to add on new environmental management modules as their company grows and their sustainability efforts evolve.

“The Intelex GHG Emissions Management Module is an excellent way for organizations to start maintaining an inventory of greenhouse gases. It allows companies to capture any type of emission from any type of point source with the ability to dynamically alter its emission factors as sources change. As an organization begins to track, trend and report on their various emissions, they will have the ability to dynamically configure basic module functions to capture more complex emission calculations, standardization formulas and any additional requirements. The best part is that all configurations are completed by the system end user and not by Intelex, which means users have complete power over how their system functions,” said Bryden Waggott, Senior Solutions Manager at Intelex Technologies Inc. “This module is an excellent entry-level GHG tracking system that can be quickly and easily scaled up and configured to capture complex point sources that require multiple variables and even direct feeds from external monitoring systems.”

Intelex’s complete Environmental Management System, which enables ISO 14001 registration, is one of its top-selling solutions. Other Intelex environmental management software solutions include Environmental Incidents Management, Hazardous Waste Management, NPDES Reporting Compliance, Spill & Release Reporting, Emergency Response Preparedness, and Environmental Objectives Management among others.

About Intelex Technologies Inc.: Intelex is a global leader in the development and support of environment, quality, health & safety, and business performance management (BPM) systems. Our web-based EQH&S and BPM software solutions have been designed to drive continual improvement, exceed regulatory compliance, and achieve / maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registration.

Since 1992, Intelex has provided environment, quality, health & safety, and business performance management software solutions to organizations in North America, Australasia, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Africa.

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