Intelligence meets precision: automated ion chromatography over six orders of magnitude


Source: Metrohm AG

Metrohm again defines the benchmark in sample preparation for ion chromatography.  Intelligent Preconcentration Technique with Matrix Elimination (MiPCT-ME) enables automatic ion chromatographic determinations over 6 orders of magnitude. Using just one analytical setup and without additional rinsing, samples containing both ultratraces and high concentrations can be analyzed. MiPCT-ME technique saves time, ensures complete traceability, is free of carryover effects and significantly improves the accuracy and reproducibility of results.

Trace analysis methods require contamination-free sample handling and accurate calibrations. In particular, the method calibration in the low ppb and ppt range is critical, as standard solutions in this range can hardly be handled without introducing errors. Manual preparation of calibration standards generally starts from a multi-ion standard by appropriate manual dilution. This procedure is not only time-consuming but also opens the door to human error. Moreover, if the sample concentration is outside the calibration range, preconcentration or dilution steps are required.

Metrohm Inline Calibration, on the other hand, allows to calibrate any standard concentration in the ppt range by using just one single standard solution at the ppb level. This is possible by varying the preconcentration volumes of the standard solution using the extremely precise dosing capabilities of the 800 Dosino dispensing system. With utmost precision, the 800 Dosino allows dispensing solution volumes between 4 and 4000 µL into the sample loop or preconcentration column of the IC.

While the 800 Dosino takes care of the ultra-precise dispensing of solutions, the IC system’s intelligent software provides the computing comparing results, taking logical decisions and carrying them out: if, for example, the concentration of the analyte in the sample exceeds that of the calibration range, the system, after the first injection, compares peak areas, calculates the appropriate injection volume and automatically re-injects the sample.


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